Multi-dimensional Awakening

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Multi-dimensional awareness is natural to wisdom just as multi-dimensional presence is characteristic of glory, opening glorification way beyond the three dimensions of space; namely, length, breadth and height, and the fourth dimension of time. Wisdom begins as a fifth dimension and glory as a sixth, but go on transcending as they unite in the seventh dimension of ineffable oneness.  The eighth dimension of glorious openness opens a new sevenfold unfolding of multi-dimensionsal awakening, that of gracious completeness, perfecting wisdom and glory beyond the first seven dimensions.  

Completeness transcends not only space and time, but also the oneness of wisdom and glory which completes initial awakening.  Glorification opens within itself and beyond itself to openness that graciously perfects completeness in ways that transcend what once were boundaries, but turn out to be openings, without end.  Wisdom presses on into glory, without end, opening grace to glory with unceasing love, shedding reified totality and closed permanence with increasing openness.  Wisdom adheres to glorification as ineffable, unquenched openness, perfecting wisdom with glory in many opening dimensions of awakening.

Multi-dimensional awakening abides in steadfast love without fixation on anything or anyone, which is the way of self-emptying kenosis.  Awakening is kenotic because glorification is not acquisitive, but liberating.  There have always been many dimensions to the way of glorification, and glorification is WAY, precisely and decisively, not arrival at finished permanence.  There is a poetry that prophesies and a prophecy that prays, making all things new.  Wisdom knows the unceasing prayer of the way, renewing all through all, way beyond all relative ways and means.  Many dimensions of awakening co-incide where they co-inhere, in the Spirit’s unceasing prayer of glorification.  The decisive openness of humble completeness sustains the many co-inherent dimensions of awakening.