Bedrock of Glorification

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The bedrock of glorification is the remembrance of God, revealing God through God’s remembrance of God, unveiling divine love through deifying love.  The Beloved Disciple is loved by God, glorified by love’s remembrance of God, beginning with recognition, ending with remembrance.  Union with the Beloved is the bedrock of love’s communion, bedrock of Christian witness to eschatological wisdom, descending as living presence of glory, reigning in glory NOW, lived moment of saving truth.  The sanctuary of wisdom is the heart, which was always already the bedrock of glorification.  The moment of truth was always decisive, extinguishing endless years of postponement in a moment.  Children of the timeless moment, angels and saints are children of wisdom, awake and aware of the presence of God, glorifying God in his Name.

Grace flows from the awakened heart, overflowing with wisdom, bedrock of glorification.  Grace freely gives without reservation the love that saves without reserve, because love knows as love is known, sealed by the Spirit with Christ in the Father’s heart.  Love does not forsake wisdom or separate the seer from the seen, dividing love from God.  Stupidity tries to grasp God instead of being humbly loved by God, to possess God instead of belonging to God as a humble limb of his body, as bride, by grace, of God the Son.  Foolish curiosity mocks the crown of wisdom, despising the throne of grace, seeking apologies from God instead of seeking humble forgiveness.  Beloved by God, wisdom waits until the moment comes, the moment of truth, the moment of recognition, the moment of revelatory remembrance.

The bedrock of wisdom is glorification which loves wisdom as God’s Beloved.  Love of wisdom, Bride of God. is the bedrock of glorification in the heart of God.  Nothing separates wisdom from glory, love from God.  God is beloved of God in Holy Trinity, before the beginning and after the end of creation, wisdom beloved by glory and glory beloved by wisdom.  Nothing can separate God from God, which wisdom knows and glory completely accepts and completeness perfects.  Wisdom multiplies God’s remembrance of God in ways that the mind cannot fathom, that thought cannot grasp, revealing love, bedrock of wisdom, imparting love, bedrock of glory.  Rivers of loving wisdom cannot be dammed, cannot be restrained, as they enlighten hearts and glorify saints without ceasing.  The bedrock of glorification is wisdom, empowering love of wisdom through glorification of God in his saving Name.