Consummation of Glorification

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The  consummation of glorification is not our human concern, but it is the ultimate concern of wisdom, whose insight into glorification listens to the Holy Spirit, revealing Christ’s consummation of glorification in the Father.  Glorification is consummated by wisdom, whose embrace gazes deeply into the mystery of the kiss of peace, hidden in the Holy of Holies before the beginning and after the end of creation, transcending all created concerns.  The Holy Spirit is unceasing in her glorification of the Son, bearing unceasing witness to the Son’s glorification of the Father.  Wisdom steps back from all created, relative concerns, into the one ultimate concern the Spirit discerns in the Son, restoring glory to the Father.  The Spirit rejoices in the Son’s glorification of the Father, consummated in the Father’s glorification of the Son, communicated by grace to all who turn and see with the eye of wisdom.

Wisdom consummates the Son’s glorification of the Father and the Father’s glorification of the Son, never ceasing to abide in the Holy Spirit’s unceasing prayer for all, in all, which is concerned ultimately with Christ’s consummation of all, in all. Wisdom reveals infinite mercy at the heart of divine majesty, unveiling the Father through the Son, who became as we are that we might be as he is.  Beyond the many concerns of created wisdom, lie the ultimate concerns of uncreated wisdom, revealing the consummation of glorification.  The Father of wisdom generates the Word of wisdom with whom he creates all worlds, revealing their shared, ultimate concern, their shared intention, which is the deifying consummation of all in all.  

The Father leaves signs of uncreated light scattered throughout creation, signs which the Son discerns, revealing them in the Holy Spirit as glorification, consummated by wisdom, completed by glory.  Angels and saints discern traces of light leading back to uncreated light, their source, footprints of glory that reveal glory, pointing back to their uncreated origin.  Seers of wisdom bear witness to wisdom in their lives, declaring with angels and saints, the wisdom of glorification.  Love of wisdom delights in wisdom as the ultimate concern of the Beloved of God, far transcending all lesser concerns, consummating love’s ultimate concern, which is glorification.  Wisdom discerns signs of glory pointing back, through Christ, to mutual, reciprocal divine-human glorification, signs which seek consummation and completion in the Holy Spirit, revealing saving grace abiding serenely in the peace of Christ, hidden in the heart of God Most High.

Christmas Eve.