Prophecy and Prayer

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Prophecy and prayer conjoin when wisdom dawns, uniting heaven and earth. Uncreated energy of wisdom refines awareness so that the body of glory is revealed in uncreated light.  The uncreated fire of the Holy Spirit purifies the heart, revealing the embryonic pearl of priceless stillness, which is the quintessential inspiration of Orthodox Christian Hesychasm.  When prophecy is quenched, prayer is not regenerated by prophecy; unceasing prayer in the Holy Spirit is concealed and stillness dissipated.  Wisdom reverses satanic inversions with the prayer of the revelatory Name, which turns the light of awareness round, renewing creation in the deepest core of the heart.  Undoing centuries of distraction in a moment, prophecy regenerates the imagination, empowering its capacity to support prayer of the heart, enabling wisdom to breathe oneness in the living heart of stillness.

Regenerative prophecy awakens and sustains prayer of the heart, opening to uncreated light, emptying netherworlds of distraction into heavenly worlds of enlightened awakening.  Wisdom gives wings to saints, reminding them that their angelic estate unites them with angels in heavenly realms, enlightened by the saving Name.  Desert wisdom is the wisdom of the ‘single eye’ of the heart, restoring Hesychast stillness in the timeless grace of the Eternal Gospel.  Intelligence knows wisdom when awareness turns and sees, awakening by grace to uncreated light of timeless glory.  Glory transcends dualisms of inner and outer perception, partaking with wisdom in the oneness of graced union, alight with turned seeing in the ground of being and meaning.  Love sees as she is seen, knowing as she is known, turning creation round into love’s uncreated light of glory.

Prophecy inspires prayer, reverting to stillness in the ground of being, revealing the integral meaning of being which is love, extinguishing millennia of dissipated distraction.  Christ reigns in glory in his Father’s Kingdom, reversing demonic inversions, dispersing satanic separations.   The Holy SpIrit puts a stop to forgetfulness by seeing straight through it, cutting through obstructions, leaping over mountainous distraction in a moment.  There are many names for awakening, but they all point to one end, which is wisdom, inspiring regenerative prophecy and spiritual prayer.  God is in truth at centre, not self-centred self-obsession, so God’s remembrance of God is always God-centred, extinguishing self-obsession through Holy Trinity.  Wisdom knows nothing can be grasped of God, even in God-centred remembrance, where prophecy awakens with pure prayer.  Self-centred distraction stops and steps back when wisdom turns and sees, emptying depletion by completion, opening hearts to infinite completeness, gloriously conjoining earthly heavens with our heavenly earth.

Christmas Day: Blessed Feast of the Holy Nativity