Single-minded Practice

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Single-minded practice of the remembrance of God cures oblivious neglect and dissipating distraction by centering in the presence of God, which is the practice of glorification.  The Holy Spirit breathes hallowing holiness into the midst of the heart, restoring glory to God.  Wisdom is uncreated energy inhaling and exhaling holiness, glorifying God.  Awareness and breath spontaneously conjoin as awareness turns and sees uncreated awareness present and aware in the heart, drawing the mind down into the heart.  The lunar light of the soul rejoins the solar light of the Spirit, as they congeal and crystallise as the body of uncreated light and glory.  This is the holy work of stillness which hallows Hesychast saints as they practice single-minded remembrance of God.

Wisdom simplifies the mind as it descends into the heart, releasing gross perceptions into subtle awareness, stilling distraction into undivided attention.  Stillness purifies the mind in the heart, enlightening the mind in the heart with uncreated light, glorifying God in the heart with the same uncreated glory that glorifies saints. The heart listens to the Spirit’s unceasing prayer, glorifying God through God in God, which is divine life of Holy Trinity.  Pious individuals think unceasing prayer is verbal prayer said without stopping, whereas verbal prayer ceases when spiritual prayer takes over as pure prayer. Nothing interrupts the unceasing prayer of the Holy Spirit, who glorifies the Father with the Son.  Wisdom is soundless as it prays in the Spirit, formless as it sees who sees.

Single-minded practice is not confused with fixated meditation, which falls far short of the remembrance of God.  Uncreated light has infinite potential as it opens wisdom to glory, extinguishing the false void of empty nihilism.  Wisdom is neither being nor non-being but abides between the two, going beyond both, neither one monistically nor two dualistically.  Relativism parodies this, whilst nihilism gets lost in it, shadowing genuine wisdom.  Wisdom delights in heavenly realms of uncreated light, revealing uncreated realms of timeless glory here on earth.  Crowning seers with the same glory that enthrones saints, wisdom opens single-minded awareness to uncreated presence through the Name, curing relativism with uncreated light and nihilism with uncreated glory.