Proceeding and Abiding

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The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, restoring glory to the Father through the Son, revealing Holy Trinity from the inside for all, in all.  Proceeding and abiding are unceasing as the Spirit breathes life into each and all, inspiring whole-hearted trust.  The Spirit of Truth sustains abiding way beyond the grasp of relative knowledge, extending into ineffable unknowing.  The holy will of God unfolds in unknowing, inspiring trust in the Spirit of truth, which is faith, not to be confused with conventional religious belief, which flees unknowing like the plague.  Trust in the truth of the Holy Spirit is at ease with unknowing, opening to profound ineffability, adhering to ineffable openness.

Mystical theology is wisdom at ease with ineffable dogma that releases into infinite openness, preferring unknowing to the grasp of finite knowledge.  Mystical wisdom is co-inherent with timeless glory in the heart of God, opening to the Holy of Holies through the Holiest secret of all, the mystery of the Name above all names.  The Name reveals God above all notions of God, stripping the mind of all concepts of God as it descends into the heart, revealing the uncreated glory of God.  Glory co-inheres with wisdom in the Name, transcending the grasp of dualistic knowledge, radiant in the light of pure unknowing.  Mystical unknowing receives the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father whilst abiding with the Father in the Son, receptive to the mystery of the Holy Trinity beyond all knowledge, in mystical unknowing.

Proceeding is completed by abiding, in the truth the Spirit shares with all, but only a few embrace, because unknowing terrifies nearly all.  The Spirit of truth declares truth to all without exception, infinitely generous with its infinite grace, but few open their hearts with an Amen, ‘so be it,’ just so, in the ground of being and meaning.  The Name hallows those who receive its hidden wisdom, transforming them into illumined seers and glorified saints, concealing their secret from the merely curious.  The Name is not taken in vain by wisdom, who purifies vainglory by consuming vanity, releasing glory into healing glorification.  Proceeding is completed by abiding, revealing the grace of the Name through hallowing glorification.  The secret remains a secret, to save it from being profaned, but wisdom reveals the secret through the proceeding Spirit, who abides with the Father in the Son, unveiled as the mystery of Holy Trinity, safely hidden in the Holy of Holies.