Hallelu Yah

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The quintessential song of praise, ‘Hallelu Yah,’ hallows the Name of saving grace that reveals God’s reign of glory, unveiling the face of holiness in the Holy Spirit. Glorification cleaves to the revelatory Name without wavering from the praises of its glory, opening the eye of the heart to wisdom.  The mercy prayed for in the Jesus Prayer is God’s loving kindness received through the Lord’s Prayer, hallowing the Name.  Heaven’s angels sing ‘Hallelu Yah,‘ without ceasing in the reign of the Name, uniting heaven and earth.  Evil clings to power in order to maintain control of the world with its overflowing resources, preferring the ruling powers of this world to the grace and glory of God.  ‘Hallelu Yah‘ is heaven’s answer to evil in the power and glory of the Name.  The grace of God communicates the uncreated light of glory, to unite the luminous eye of the mind with uncreated glory of the heart, hallowing the Name in God’s reign of timeless glory.

Glorification is God-centred, whereas vainglory is self-centred, selfishly serving the self-interests of pride.  Humble wisdom is subverted by confusion, confusing wisdom with pride, an inversion that runs very deep in worldly circles of pride.  Pride accuses humility of pride, never recognising the delusive paralysis of its perversity.  Humility gives glory to God, recognising God at centre in the midst, praising God’s Name, Yah, with dynamic doxology, Hallelu, in the reign of hallowing glorification.  Timeless glory hallows the Name, uniting awareness of wisdom with presence of glory.  Wisdom songs express glorification at the heart of all mysteries of glory, revealing the translucent beauty of grace.  Odes of peace originally gave Christian tradition its hymns and psalms that were its Song of Songs in the Holy of Holies, before they were forgotten, but glorification of the Name was remembered when the Lord’s Prayer was prayed in conjunction with the Jesus Prayer in the desert wastes of the wilderness.

Sun and moon transmit created light to the world in accordance with the uncreated wisdom of glorification, crowning seers and enthroning saints with the uncreated grace of the Name.  True glorification never strays from the way of the Name, opening to glorification without end.  God glorifies his saints with the grace of the Name, hallowing them through their unceasing glorification of God.  Nothing closes realms of glory opened by the Name, because radical openness is the very heart of wisdom. Holiness gathers the holy together into realms of glory without wavering, circulating infallible light with ineffable light of glory.  The stem of the vine feeds the branches with uncreated life, blessing the limbs through the perfecting wisdom of Christ, its head.  Deifying invocation, ‘Hallelu Yah,’ hallows the reign of glory in the Name, renewing unceasing glorification from God the Father, through God the Son, in God the Holy Spirit, revealing Holy Trinity in uncreated act, curing delusion by healing division in the ineffable heart of God: unceasing glorification.