Still Centre

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The still centre of infinite wisdom is love, ineffable love deeper than sentiment, transcending conceptual thought and imagination.  The wonder of love bewilders the mind, awakening the heart, silencing mental chatter.  Wisdom is pure awareness witnessing the meaning of love, stilling the heart beyond all expectation.  The wisdom of pure awareness transcends the mental mutations of the murmering mind, seeing God in all and all in God, free of ‘me’ and ‘mine.’  Wisdom sees as she is seen, knowing as she is known, still at centre everywhere that manifests the theophany of love. Stillness purifies the heart by illumining the mind in the heart, conjoining wisdom with glory.  Uniting simple awareness with pure presence, God is ‘I AM,’ revealing God, releasing fear into love, dissolving confusion and healing division, opening the still centre to all and revealing to all the still centre of unconditioned love.

The still centre knows there is only oneness in the being of oneness, only love in loving well-being and only glory in the timeless well-being of love’s ineffable completeness, completing incompleteness anew in every moment.  Once and for all, temporal incompleteness is perfected in completeness, without ceasing to be timeless completeness.  Time future embraces time past in the timeless presence of ever-present wisdom, serene in the timeless completeness of ineffable glory.  Passing the grasp of all concepts, beyond all conditioned understanding, wisdom is at ease with affirmation as with negation.  Stillness does not strive, being free from fixated stillness and from fixated fear obstructing love’s timeless freedom, displacing the bright stillness of love.  Divine-human from beginning to end, Christ fills all in all, without binding or being bound by anything, revealing the freedom of stillness in the wisdom of timeless love.

Stillness centres down into the wisdom of bright serenity, renouncing reactive renunciation by restoring boundless love.  Wisdom rests in peace without negativity, freeing Name-hallowing love from bondage, releasing freedom into glorification.  Veils of dull confusion fall away as divisive delusion releases into glory, freeing fear from fear by embracing fear with love.  Childlike trust replaces suspicion as compassionate love restores well-being, replete with the timeless glory of love.  Stillness never fixates on stillness nor descends into distraction, but rests in the peace of bright holiness without confusion.  Graced stillness has no oppressing need to dissolve confusion because confusion has always already been dissolved by wisdom.  The glory of wisdom is her freedom from every distraction, gracing purification with illumination and illumination with glorification, mastering the vagaries of mental murmering without distraction, abiding in  the heart of bright wisdom, which is the still centre of love.