Seeing beyond Seeking

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Seeing no longer seeks because seeing sees, whereas seeking seeks because it cannot see.  That is why desert elders live from seeing, theoria, rather than seeking ways and means to see.  Ceasing to subject themselves to seeking, they see instead what turning sees.  Seeking imposes separation between seeker and seeing, seer and seen, whereas turning turns the light of awareness round, seeing God at centre with the enlightened eye of the heart.  When turning is true metanoia, seeing is true theoria, extinguishing dualistic separation.  Seeking sets up ways and means to discover what seeking seeks, pushing seeing into a distant future or an afterlife, but seeing sees, bringing the afterlife into this life, awakening the reign of the Name.

Separation obliges lost souls to seek to see, whereas seeing extinguishes separation whilst avoiding confusion, curing hardness of heart by opening the eyes of the blind.  If the blind trust Christ, entering into union with him, they see as he sees, no longer seeking as seekers seek, carrying their blindness round, deadening the heart.  God the Son sees God the Father without separation, so does not seek to see but sees as enlightened seeing sees, being always already one with the Father in the Name.  The Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, dwelling inseparably with him in perfect union.  Glorification lives this divine life, the life of Holy Trinity, as a lived mystery, not as seekers do, as external dogma, imposing separation.

Seeing lives from God, through God, glorifying the Father through the Son, living the Spirit’s truth as awakened realisation.  That is why saints see God in everything and everything in God, partaking in the Holy Spirit’s insight into God the Holy Trinity. Glorified saints see with the single eye of the awakened heart, no longer trusting in conditioned ways or means, as seekers do.  Separation falls away as divisions heal, clarifying unconditioned wisdom in the Name.  Seeing sees God with the eye of God, which is the wondrous mystery of theoria.  Glorification abides in theoria, trusting the Holy Spirit, who unveils the living experience of deifying theosis.  It is Christ who saves, revealing God, awakening the eye of the heart, turning seeking into seeing through the deifying grace of the Name.