Spirit of Truth

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Christ sends the Spirit of truth when he dies on the Cross of Golgotha and is resurrected on the third day, leaving the Spirit’s truth with his bereft disciples, integral truth opening through to boundless infinity.  Clinging to objective phenomena, some were bound by subjective perceptions that trapped them in self-centred delusions, but the Spirit of truth freed them all, both objectively and subjectively, liberating them through Christ’s death, destroying death and bestowing resurrection.  The Spirit wisely used perception to free them from perception, employing time to transcend time, cutting through perception to awaken to timeless glorification.  The uncreated energy of grace transcends subjective and objective obstructions, beginning before the beginning and ending after the end, liberating seers from confusion and saints from division through the Spirit of truth.

The Spirit of truth imparts the eye of wisdom to the heart, enlightening the purified mind in the heart.  Wisdom is decisive as it lays hold of truth beyond affirmation or negation, using affirmation to transcend affirmation and negation to transcend negation.   The power of turning, metanoia, lies in awakened seeing, theoria, which conjoin together, opening the heart to theosis, deification.  The Spirit discerns Christ revealing God in the unveiled face of illumination, transcending objective conditioning and subjective perception.  Clear and still, the glory of wisdom reveals the wisdom of glory in the cave of the heart.  Elders resolve objective doubts and subjective confusions in the Holy Spirit, uncovering peace of mind in awakened hearts. Turning ensures that the practice of seeing cuts through doubt, soaring over mountains of resistance, harmoniously integrating the mysteries of glorification.

True spiritual creativity is uncreated, turning creation inside out and outside in.  Spiritual transmission happens when wisdom discerns the glory of the Name, opening the eye of the heart.  Elders penetrate through obscurity by bearing witness to the unveiled face of glory, ensuring the truth of communion is discovered in the Holy Spirit.  Union of heaven and earth occurs in the Spirit when Christ in person reveals the pearl of great price in himself.  Glory transmits glory when Christ is glorified and the Spirit’s glorification of God the Father through God the Son is transmitted in hallowing Trinity.  The grace of blessed tears arises spontaneously when the heart awakens. Amazed that grace is so simple, yet so profound, seers discover Christ’s yoke is easy but grace difficult, being in truth sheer gift, rather than a reward.  This truth the Spirit knows and communicates without hesitation to receptive souls, revealing the glorious reign of uncreated grace.