Kiss of Peace

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Wisdom bestows a kiss of peace unveiling the Song of Songs in the Holy of Holies, embracing the beloved with her radiant gaze.  Returning to the Father through the Son, saints rest in peace in the Holy Spirit, abiding in the serenity of stillness.  The gentle humour of wise stillness is kindly as it deifies saints in the way of the Name. The loving kiss of peace sees through lust for power as it releases dictatorial control, awakening child-like joy.  The Song of Songs finds no home on earth except the Bridal Chamber hidden in the Holy of Holies.  When fear reigns in place of love, trust is broken and the hidden garden of paradise is lost.  The Spirit blows where it wills, abiding in the Word that names the Name, restoring paradise.  Wisdom turns and sees uncreated presence embraced by uncreated awareness, wholeness gathering many parts into co-inherent wholes, each bearing faithful witness to the Holy of Holies.  The straight way follows many crooked turns, emptying incompleteness into completeness.  

No kiss of peace thrives outside the Holy of Holies, but true holiness is luminous everywhere, having nothing to prove, nothing to lose.  Words of the eternal Word can be wholly trusted, empowering completeness to manifest through incompleteness, opening insight to foresight in the grace of the Name.  The kiss of peace never imposes but empowers, letting go of aggressive control.  The Gospel of grace is greater than great, humbly awake beneath the feet of the great.  Grace has deep roots, deeper than deep, roots that only glory knows, empty of vanity.  Glory glorifies God because God glorifies wisdom, emptying vainglory into mutual, reciprocal glorification.  Wisdom begins everywhere, ending where it began whilst embracing everything in between. Nothing is wasted when glory embraces wisdom with a kiss of peace.

The kiss of peace rests in ineffable peace, indwelling the peace that passes understanding, abiding in the luminous void that seers call God.  The Holy of Holies rejoices in the Bridal Chamber of the Song of Songs, preferring poetic prophecy to prosaic prose, illumining hearts by cleansing minds.  The Gospel of grace is truly holy so cannot be improved upon with clever philosophy or scholastic theology.  Peace has time for everyone, freely dancing with every concern.  Wisdom sees through sophistry, emptying sophistication into deepening kenosis so that rebounding extremism is quenched.  War weaponises fear whereas Hesychast glorification regenerates compassion, restoring love with love.  Glory embraces galaxies of countless stars seeing them as countless angels in the heaven of heavens, imparting ineffable grace that has no boundary, embracing glory with a kiss of peace.