Way of Truth

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The way of truth is wisdom’s way of life, uniting noetic intelligence with the heart, revealing wondrous mysteries of glory.  Binary thinking opposes the real to the unreal, good from bad, being with nothing, unable to embrace opposing extremes before they degenerate into warring extremism.  Wisdom empties the dualistic mind into the undivided heart, opening noetic purity to uncreated light.  The way of truth is natural for the Spirit of truth, embracing wisdom as a way of life.  The sealed well of hidden wisdom bubbles up with unblocked completeness, holding to the flow of God at centre, transforming sinners into saints and seers into sages.  Wisdom mothers infinite worlds of uncreated light, nurturing heavenly realms of boundless glory.  The way of truth is timeless presence, humbly underlying heaven on earth and lowly, like the open air. The Holy Spirit spontaneously frees awareness of the senseless strain of pride and the dissipating stress of vainglory, inspiring glorification.

Truth is not bound to conditioned ways and means, struggling to get somewhere else, but simply lets things be as the Spirit wills, releasing anxiety into serenity and peace.   Wisdom cleanses perception by generating light from light, receiving God through God in the Holy Spirit.  Things freely release as they come and go, opening oneness to union, deepening union to communion.  Hesychasts are incomprehensible to conventional minds, humbly embracing the way things are, awakening ineffable peace. Imparting seamless truth, subtle wisdom is profound, always inexpressible and unfathomable.  Active yet receptive, the way of truth lets confusion settle into clarity, division into healthy oneness.  Stillness does not seek to get rid of incompleteness, because in realms of peace, completeness is already completing incompleteness, patiently emptying impatience Into perfect peace.

The Spirit of truth is holy, completing incompleteness through the way of the Name.   Holiness is beautiful as it wends its way through time with timeless freedom.   Separation dissolves into radiant wholeness from which glory emerges, once again complete as it was at the beginning.  The originating source fathers the comprehensive meaning, pointing to truth with every breath.  The way of truth is ready to die in every moment, dying to death now, restoring trust in truth and truth through trust.  Already dead to all that death destroys, wisdom transfigures death with a single glance.  The resurrecting gaze of death is a kiss of life for those who turn and see.  Holy wisdom is best hidden as the mystery of mysteries, or it will be parodied, spawning abuse after abuse.  Revelation is best left to the revelatory Word or it becomes a plaything of the deceiver.  The centre of all circles is infinite completeness, everywhere present and fulfilling all things, empowering the cosmic circle dance of co-inherence, sustaining the way of truth, excluding exclusion by inclusion.