Lectio Divina

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Lectio divina reads inspired texts with inspiration, gathering deifying glorification from illumination, welcoming the Holy Spirit, purifying the heart.  To read with the eye and ear of the heart is to open through wisdom to glory, breaking through external obstructions, leaping over mountainous resistance.  Literalism clings to outward, external surfaces, whereas wisdom, awakening to the Holy Spirit, uncovers the living Word inspiring the literal sense.  To read in God is to listen to God, seeing God through God, instead of reading separation into everything.  Lectio divina transcends, (meta), the reifying mind, (noia), opening the senses, through metanoia, to wisdom.  God is omnipresent, but obsessive thinking binds with its obsessive thoughts, thinking God is absent because that is what absent-minded minds think.  Blessed are those who rejoice in God with their whole heart, listening to the Word in the Spirit through Lectio divina.

Lectio divina breaks through the thoughts of the absent-minded mind to the living words, logoi, of the Word of God, Logos, awakening in the Spirit to the Word.  God is one, so his Word is one with his Spirit in Holy Trinity, wedding Word and Spirit. There is no division where deifying union is perfectly free of confusion.  Pure awareness awakens the heart, empowering purification, through illumination, glorifying God aright.  The luminous heart is bright, free to see, free to be in God with angels and saints, free to give glory to God as God glorifies God in heaven.  God is everywhere and fills all things with his glory, but it is his wisdom that discerns this glory everywhere. Lectio divina partakes with angels and saints in God’s holy wisdom, ascribing all glory to God, restoring glory to God, through God.

Lectio divina grounds the holy culture of stillness, hesychia, renewing Orthodox Hesychasm in every generation.  The Name mirrors God, in whose image and likeness mankind is created, restoring image to likeness through glorification.  Lectio divina regenerates  restoration to glory through the Paraclete, the comforter who deifies bewildered sinners by restoring them as saints to glory.  Illumination in uncreated light uncovers uncreated glory at the heart of everything, restoring uncreated glory transfiguring everything.  Lectio divina discovers light revealing glory through Scripture, restoring sacred tradition to its original function, which is glorification.  The Name unveils Christ, Light of the world, through whom glory is restored to God. Delusion vanishes as glory is restored, revealing God in his Name.  Lectio divina reads God wherever it turns, flawlessly purifying hearts as they turn and see, freely enlightening minds as they descend into hearts, restoring bent, broken souls to glory.