Uncreated Glory

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The Name enthrones seers in uncreated glory, hallowing saints in wisdom as they invoke and hallow the Name.  Wisdom is seated in the radiance of uncreated glory, whose splendour deifies those who are hallowed by grace, dissolving fear into whole-hearted trust.  Wisdom abides in the awakened heart, transmuting terror into generous love.  Orthodox Hesychasts dwell in the purifying wisdom of gracious stillness, delighting in the enlightening glory of union, transfigured by transforming communion.  Seekers cease to seek when deluded dreams dissolve and wisdom discovers glory with every breath.  Stillness cures dissipation as wisdom uncovers glory in the cave of the heart.  Sorrowful passions suffer until wisdom cures addictions with radiant glory, transforming sinners into saints.  The Name, without flaw, makes invocation flawless and sanctification of flawed sinners complete in the Spirit’s embrace.  Remembrance of God is timeless freedom in the grace of great liberation. Uncreated glory lives forever in perfect freedom, safe in golden silence, care-free in ecstatic solitude.  

The uncreated light of glory embraces broken hearts, saying: ”I AM,’ He is God,’ on the holy heights of Mount Carmel, releasing everything into uncreated glory.  Uncreated oneness knows no division when uncreated openness dispels all confusion.  The vision of God is undistracted, freeing wisdom’s reign of glory upstream from distraction. Graced completeness of timeless glory fulfils imperfection in the completing perfection of wisdom, purifying imperfection with uncreated light.  When distractions arise, wisdom dissolves them into shining stillness.  Confusion, confused by truth, is distracted by distraction and divided by division.  Union is renewed by truth, illumined by uncreated light, communing with deifying communion.  Frenzied striving and anxious stressing cause endless strain, whereas wisdom abides in God’s realm of reigning glory.  Uncreated glory is embraced by uncreated wisdom, curing mindless chatter as it fritters and falls in its struggles to control the mind. 

Wisdom is already all that she knows before creation even begins, freeing glory to shine as it shone before the beginning, shining as glory shines after the end.  The turning world spins on its axis of quiet stillness, never ceasing to stand steadfast in wisdom.  Desire stumbles and falls, failing to see beyond desire.  Suffering is endless where turning is disdained, but gratefully opens when graceful turning sees.  To hear the Name is to hallow it, welcoming the Kingdom come.  Pure wisdom is indifferent to cold indifference, standing steadfast in bright freedom.  Invocation of the Name is remembrance of God, communicating liberation with unfettered freedom.  Wisdom naturally centres where glory reigns, playing simply.  Ceasing to stand in the way of grace, wisdom delights in the uncreated light of timeless glory, harvesting the nourishing fruits of stillness.  Deification is spontaneous for the grace of the Gospel, completing purification with illumination, perfecting illumination with glorification.