Wisdom’s Yoke of Love

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Wisdom’s yoke of love stands over the beloved who loves as she is loved, hallows as she is hallowed, remembers as she is remembered.  Satan’s ‘no’ has no hold over the yoke of love, which is God’s ‘Yes’, always ‘Yes,’  not ‘no,’ always ‘Amen,’ always ‘Glory to God.’  (2 Cor 1:20).  The yoke of love embraces those who embrace the yoke of love, glorifies those who glorify God with glory, hallows those who hallow God’s Holy Name with hallowing energy.  Fierce love cuts through conventional niceness, blessing the hallowed.  Fierce mercy severs the collusions of delusion, healing the divisions of separation, embracing sinners with the yoke of unconditioned love.

Love joins what satanic collusion separates, severs what delusion confuses, heals what division tears apart.  God’s yoke is a Song of Songs in the Holy of Holies, always ‘Yes,’ always glory glorifying God, always glory glorified by God.   Reciprocal glorification is reciprocal hallowing in the Holy of Holies, reciprocal remembrance in the Holy Eucharist, reciprocal turning in Holy Baptism, reciprocal vision of God in Holy Chrismation.   Everywhere knowing knows as knowing is fully known, cutting through Gnostic dualism with knowing, leaping over Messalian separation with prayer, removing mountains of Montanist heresy with prophecy, all always in a trice.

Wisdom’s yoke of love embraces with love the kiss of peace, embracing with love the gaze of wisdom that sees glory as glory is seen by glory.  Nothing can separate what love’s yoke conjoins or shatter what holy love unites, giving fierce love power to glorify saints.  Knowing in part, love is conditional, but is always unconditional when wisdom’s completeness dawns, remaining hidden when fear rants and rages on the periphery. The Holy of Holies hallows saints without colluding with fear, curing fear with wisdom’s yoke of infinite love.  Wisdom’s gaze is a kiss of peace that severs collusion, cures confusion and dissolves division in the healing completeness of timeless glory, embraced by wisdom’s yoke of boundless love.