Yoke of Love

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Wisdom is God’s yoke of love speaking through prophecy to awaken prayer, conjoining human lovers with the divine Beloved, as in the Song of Songs, opening the Holy of Holies to the ineffable mystery of the Bridal Chamber.  Trust in Christ releases fear into love in the Holy Spirit, opening hells to heavens of infinite grace and unconditioned glory.  Holy Orthodoxy is most itself when enlightened stillness descends into hell’s darkest depths to embrace uncreated light brighter than highest heaven. Gathering the living dead into resurrected glory, the prayer of Jesus cries to God for mercy from the darkest depths, throwing off hell’s chains as it rises with Christ to the heaven of heavens.  The Spirit comes to reveal God’s reign of glory where the accuser saw only repeated falls from glory, reversing satanic inversions.  Bonds shatter as darkness gives way to the dawn of uncreated light, opening wisdom to timeless glory.

Death cannot destroy the yoke of love regenerating union through communion, trusting love to awaken wise glory instead of terror.  The Name yokes wisdom with glory in the living heart of Christ, restoring union with the Father in the communion of the Holy Spirit.  Wisdom sings Hallelu Yah as glory yokes with wisdom in the heart of God, raising inverted hells to reverted heavens.  Wisdom inspires prophecy to awakens prayer of the heart in glorified saints, singing; ‘Emmanuel, our God, is with us!’  Sinai and Horeb, Carmel and Tabor all sing regenerative wisdom songs, awakening hearts to glory.  Bride and groom conjoin, manifesting an ineffable yoke of love, faithful and true, revealing oneness of being as the goodness of well-being in the glory of timeless beyond-being.  Divisive thoughts cannot pollute the pure heart because Christ’s saving yoke communicates redemptive love in the heart with co-inherent synergy.

Faces shine with Christ’s light of love, yoking wisdom with glory.  Hearts dance with ecstatic joy, conjoining wise awareness with glorious presence in Christ’s invisible dance of deifying co-inherence.  Oneness of truth unites the Father with the Son, unveiling the thrice-holy openness of Holy Trinity through the Spirit of truth, awakening astonished wonder.  The way of the Name abides in the truth of the Spirit through the life of glorification, yoking the glory of love with wisdom in every generation.  Love springs from the truth of the Holy Name, uniting heaven and earth, revealing Christ’s yoke of love anointing saints with holy Chrism in age after age, actioning redemptive regeneration, curing compulsive confusion by dissolving degenerative division.  Wise oneness communicates glorification to elders and saints, revealing ineffable openness.  Love faithfully trusts Christ’s yoke of conjugal conjunction, unveiling heaven’s bridal mysteries in the Holy of Holies.