Way of Wisdom

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The way of wisdom cures the deep-seated pathologies of the dualistic mind, emptying its warring thoughts into radiant peace.  Old obsessions dissolve as long as self-emptying does not fixate into a fresh obsession, instead freeing wisdom to embrace glory in the heart of Christ.  Strain and stress struggle against the passions but wisdom releases them into divine-human glorification.  The root of purification is deep turning, metanoia, unveiling the vision of God, theoria, releasing knotted mind-binds, unifying creation with the uncreated.  Oneness naturally gives way to openness when the way of wisdom sanctifies saints, liberating passions into all-embracing glory.  Glorification begins with wisdom, purifying hearts and enlightening minds, dissolving conditioned negativity by releasing its conditioning grasp.  The way of wisdom dances freely between warring powers, relaxing their grip on divided hearts by imparting undivided insight.

Deluded politics wars against what it thinks are its enemies, whereas wisdom steps back into the liberating glory of love and peace.  Bad dreams dissolve upon awakening, resting in peace and uncreated light, empowering the gaze of wisdom to open to the mysteries of glory.  Still-moving grace quietly purifies the heart as glory transcends enslaving fixations.  Rules and regulations bind those who are obsessed with them, whilst wisdom leaps over them, extinguishing doubts and cutting through hesitation. Wise elders trust metanoia, knowing theoria unblocks all obstacles.  The Gospel illumines the heart beyond all rational calculation or sensory perception, releasing feelings and emotions back into wise insight, curing division without confusion.  Realms of glory welcome humble wisdom home, attuning the kiss of peace to an integral embrace.

No-one welcomes the way of wisdom without turning round and seeing with God’s eye of the heart.  Elders recognise saints by their awakened recognition of the remembrance of God, unimpressed by clever imitations and opinionated extremes. Smaller than the smallest of the small, wisdom is greater than the greatest of the great, baffling minds by ineffably revealing God in all and all in God.  Binary thinking compulsively takes sides against what opposes it, causing endless strain and stress, separating uncreated presence from created existence.  The divisive mind lives from lack, obsessed with negativity, finding fault with everything, unable to diagnose or cure itself.  Wisdom’s way of being is ever-present, dispelling confusion, overcoming separation, completing incompleteness in the power of God’s glorious completeness.