Simplicity of Heart

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Simplicity of heart dissolves confusion in the depths, healing division in the heights, enlightening seers, glorifying saints.  Grace rejoices hearts simplified by uncreated light, inspiring wisdom song in praise of God’s Name.  Wisdom discerns the glory of grace in its ineffable simplicity, restoring glory to the Father through Christ in the Holy Spirit, integrating whatever separation divides.  Grace saves lost souls in the Name, revealing God, vindicating saints in Christ who turns hearts back into primordial simplicity.  The Holy Spirit bears witness to Christ unveiling the Name, confirming the promises given to patriarchs and prophets, communicated in turn to apostles, elders and saints.  Redemptive remembrance of God releases spiritual death by putting to death what confuses and divides, awakening simplicity of heart through wisdom.

Simplicity is complicit with the Holy Spirit, bearing witness to revelation of the Name, opening the single eye of wisdom.  Trust restores glory to God when remembrance clarifies the inner depths of the heart.  Divisive conflict dissolves when uncreated light illumines the heart, as heaven descends to raise hell to heaven.  Healing comes down from heaven to wed the earth, restoring glory by simple hallowing.  Delusion inverts God’s holy way of things that wisdom generously restores, granting grace that saves and heals.  Trust receives God’s gift of grace, abiding serenely in wondrous peace, securely single-minded in the enlightened heart.  Fear refuses to trust love, but wisdom sees through fear, embracing love.  Love simply loves, requiring no ulterior motives.

Simplicity of heart does not make sages silly simpletons but gives wisdom sure, secure foundations.  Children of humankind become children of God by grace, listening to Christ’s chrismating holiness through the beating heart of the Beloved Disciple.  Simplicity abides in the Spirit, resting in peace in the resurrection of Christ, indwelling the fulness of his glory.  The uncreated light of Christ enthrones saints with a chariot throne of dynamic glory, soaring over the chasms of hell, never straying from the way of the hallowing Name.  Glory reigns in realms of uncreated light, protecting holy ones in the Holy of Holies.  Simplicity of heart keeps good company with hallowed saints, where patriarchs and prophets watch over apostles and elders in God’s holy Kingdom, guaranteeing their witness to Christ’s infallible simplicity of heart.