Name and Face

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The way of the Name is the way of the unveiled Face, ever-moving, ever still.  The Spirit is everywhere present without departing from Christ’s union with the Father for a moment.  Wisdom serenely abides in the glory of the Name without separating from Christ or wavering from his union with the Father.  The Spirit of wise awareness does not flit around like the mind, so when the mind descends into the heart to fulfil the hallowed Name, the reign of glory is revealed, unveiling the Face of God.  The Spirit is not subject to fixed plans, nor does it impose fixed notions of what is right or wrong.  The Spirit freely abides in the light of the Son, who abides in the Father’s reign of glory without fail, unveiling the way of the Name by unveiling the Face of glory.  The Spirit is open to all, opening all to the Name.  Abiding in the light of glory, the way of the Name is the Great Secret, the mystery of mysteries, aware of pure awareness, yet hidden with God in the presence of pure presence.  Nothing is shut out of the heart of awareness or excluded from the blessing of the Name that welcomes all into wisdom’s manifold ways of unveiling glory.  The way of the Name is profoundly personal whilst transcending self-interested obsessions with personality and face-saving addictions to self-centred pretence.  Free of self-inflating avoidance, spiritual personhood is naturally humble, naturally spontaneous in its shedding of the veils that veil the unveiled Face of glory.  The way of glory humbly unveils the Face of uncreated light, spontaneously illumining the heart from within.

The way of glory does not avoid the void of infinite presence, knowing that awareness voids all avoidance when the fulness of wisdom unveils the glory of completeness.  The way of the Name is of infinite capacity, empowering realisation that completeness cannot be improved.  Tampering with uncreated light plunges the heart into darkness, distancing the holiness of the hallowing Name.  Wisdom knows the right way to hallow the way of the Name, whilst interference only confuses and divides.  Wisdom turns and sees without trying to control what is perceived.  The Name does not impose or enforce compliance, showing the way the Name unveils glory by purifying glory of vanity, extinguishing vainglory.  Pride violates wisdom by trying to enforce compliance with subtle if not physical violence, utterly violating the humble way of the Name.  Love has no enemies, so is easily able to get round the gridlocks of pride.  Proud will to power never succeeds in controlling the energies of uncreated creativity, so freedom lies in surrender to the empowering capacities of the will of God.  Humility is natural to wisdom, not to be confused with worldly cleverness that thinks it is wise but is actually sophisticated inanity.  Wisdom discerns the glory of the way of the hallowing Name, abiding in the unsophisticated humility of self-emptying ultimate concern.

Unselfish action steps back then stops, preferring wise stillness to new ways of reacting negatively to reactive reactions.  Wisdom does not crave the approval of others, so does not impose itself on others.  Convinced from within, it is not determined to convince others to say nice things to convince it of its value.   Hallowing the Name, God’s reign comes and God’s will is done.  Fear of another’s disapproval is beside the point.  Fear sees others as enemies and enemies as demons persecuting victimised fear.  Difference calls for dialogue, not war, whereas fear sees difference as divisive enmity, preferring to declare war than to enter into diplomatic dialogue.  The way of the Name sees God in the midst, so steps back from fear, respecting difference without leaping to division.  Stillness wisely handles difference without division, ensuring the Name is hallowed even when confusion subverts unity and division threatens communion.  Centred in the way of the Name, difference does not threaten unity but enriches it, enlivens it and nourishes it.  The joy of unity is the joy of communicating differences, hallowing the way of the Name.  Great Peace sustains polyphonous harmony by celebrating difference instead of letting cacophonous division overwhelm difference, destroying unity.  The way of the Name, unveiling the Face, holds everything together by sustaining difference, upholding unity by unveiling the manifold Face of Glory in the midst.