Heart of Wisdom and Glory

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The radiant heart of wisdom beholds the luminous presence of glory, ineffable union of awareness and presence unveiling Holy Trinity as ineffable Godhead.  The awakened heart sees as it is seen and knows as it is known, aware of being aware and present to the decisive presence of glory.  Awareness pervades every perception, perceiving and perceived, revealing the glory of the Name ‘I AM,’ which is both awareness and presence of glory.  God’s awareness of God’s presence is resplendent in every perception, revealing God perceiving and perceived.  When elders enjoin self-awareness that empties awareness of attachment to every sort of conditioned selfhood, awareness is purified of all that usurps God, revealing awareness of the uncreated light of awareness.  Confusion between the uncreated and the created dissolves, healing every kind of diabolical division, unveiling the glory that is lost when falls from glory reign.  The Name purifies to illumine the heart, opening wisdom to the glory of Name-hallowing, unveiling the translucent reign of God.  Delusion dispels as deception dissolves, hallowing all who hallow the Holy Name of God.  Creation arises without confusion within the uncreated awareness of uncreated presence, whilst creation arises without division, which is the unveiling of God’s Holy Name.  Awareness of presence is unconditioned joy rejoicing in the union of awareness and presence in the Name, God glorifying God in the revelation of God’s Name.  Holy Trinity stands steadfast beneath God’s revelation of Godhead by God, the Spirit bearing witness to the Son’s union with the Father.  God glorifies God through God as timeless awareness bears witness to uncreated presence in every moment, the Spirit unceasingly glorifying God the Father, through the Son.  

God’s love of God the Son shines forth as the glory of Christ’s love embracing everyone and everything, excluding nothing and no-one from his glory.  God’s love does not come and go like an arbitrary and wayward tyrant, inconsistency writ large, inviting fear to distrust love as it struggles to earn grace instead of gratefully receiving love that is freely given.  Love of wisdom adores the Name that saves, hallowing speech and mind in the heart of ever-present awareness.  Knower, knowing and known are one when awareness is infused with uncreated light embracing presence of uncreated glory.  The heart of wisdom and glory dissolves all theological reifications of Holy Trinity into timeless experience of deifying union, fulfilling the witness of the Spirit to the Son’s revelation of the Father’s Name.  Pure awareness purifies the heart of all that intrudes between the Father and the Son, all that interferes with the Father’s glorification of the Son in all who indwell Christ.   Abiding in Christ’s revelation of God’s Name, elders bear witness to the glory of grace in the saints, confirming in them the wisdom that discerns glory inspiring the unfolding of glorification, glorification that completes purification and illumination.

The boundless ocean of the glory of awareness manifests as worlds of wild wind and tossing wave but never ceases to reveal the glory of pure presence.  Wind and wave are ephemeral whereas the waters of wisdom and glory never cease to give glory to God.  Time’s cycles of creation and dissolution come and go, but the timeless presence of awareness never ceases to unveil glory to wisdom, beyond all coming or going.  Wisdom is straightforward in her compassionate forgiveness, disinterested in her adherence to peace.  Her glory releases selfish into unselfish love, transcending anxious care into guileless serenity.  The egocentric and ethnocentric mindsets bind the heart whereas ever-present awareness of God in his Name frees the spirit to unite with the Son in the Holy Spirit.  Ever-present and aware, the Spirit abides in all and co-inheres through all, hallowing God’s Name ‘I AM,’ as wisdom unveiling glory.  Egotism subverts wisdom just as vainglory poisons glory, but awareness of presence is inviolable at the heart of awareness.  The effulgence of glory is wisdom’s delight, infusing ordinary perception with  heavenly joy.  The heart of wisdom conjoins with ineffable glory in every perception, cleansing confusion from communion and division from union, sustaining freedom in the inviolable holiness of wholesome completeness.