Unveiled Face of Glory

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Christ reveals the Holy Name of God, unveiling the glory of God’s Face.  God’s unveiled Face of glory dispels delusion, undoing confusion with the grace of radiant communion, healing division with co-inherent translucence.  The Name unveils God as He is, glory wondrous to behold.  The unveiled Face of Glory is not, of course, visible as an object of empirical observation, although saints bear witness that the Spirit beholds the Face of God the Father in the Son.  Christ imparts his vision of the Father in the Spirit, unveiling in countless, wondrous ways the glory of God’s unveiled Face.  Those who awaken in the Spirit to his vision become children of God by grace, witnesses to deification, seers of glorification in hearts of light.  Enthroned in glory, saints are crowned with uncreated light as translucence transfigures light with glory.  Wisdom reveals glory, unveiling the meaning of well-being in the ground of timeless being, sharing undying life with all.  Nothing can separate wisdom from glory in the midst of timeless well-being, so nothing can divide visible phenomena from theophanies of invisible glory in guardians of hallowing deification.  The deified stand in awe of God’s unveiled Face, hidden with Christ in God with angels in the countless sanctuaries of the heavens.  Children of God, enthroned with Christ, are crowned with holy light arising in their midst, renewed by grace as wisdom embraces glory.

Awe-struck wonder gazes upon the unveiled Face with astonished amazement, caught between terror and ecstatic joy, depending on whether the soul’s centre of gravity is fear or love.  Rainbow omnipresence surrounds awareness as manifold awareness abides in uncreated presence, glory revealing and revealed.  Death’s sting turns into a kiss of grace, here, where darkness dazzles and hells turn back into radiant heavens.  Time kills but the timeless restores glory to glory, here, at the heart of undying light.  Time slaughters temporal life, but timeless glory liberates presence from time past and time future, releasing incompleteness into timeless completeness.  The heart trembles as it quakes and shakes, turning prostration into exaltation.  Wisdom unites knower and known as a knowing that fathers awakened knowing, sure and steadfast at the heart of awareness.  Wisdom’s epiphanies flower as theophanies of glory, here, where holiness hallows the saving Name in the saving reign.  Unmoving, as time moves, the timeless gathers all scattered moments into one hallowing moment, the Spirit of Truth unveiling the one, timeless moment of truth.  

Dread turns into gratitude as grace unveils its radiant Face, fierce fire consuming what it consumes, kindly fire refining what is unconsumed.  Christ beholds the paradoxes that reveal the Burning Bush, consuming fire and unconsumed bush, dazzling the darkness of our discontent, overwhelming light with dazzling glory.  Fear is terrified by what kindly love adores, dissolving terror into delight, enlightening insight with ecstatic joy.  Terror resolves into Great Peace when glory dawns.  Domestic terrorism, driven by fear, feels defrauded and so defrauds, whereas terror is restored when fear turns into awe-struck wonder, as grace renews gratitude and love reveals glory.   The Name unveils the human form divine in every person, unveiling the Face of Glory in every face.  Angels and saints behold the glory that hallows them, because in them love knows as it is known.  Love’s single eye awakens the heart to single-minded love, healing division by curing confusion.  Consuming hells are in turn consumed by loving kindness, restoring glory wherever turning turns and seeing sees.  The unveiled Face of Glory is wondrous to behold, but it is wisdom that beholds this glory and it is a costly love that truly loves wisdom.