Heart of Awareness

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Wisdom turns and sees love embrace forgiveness and simplicity embrace stillness at the heart of awareness, welcoming the blessing of presence with the joy of generous awareness.  Blessed is the ineffable joy of boundless awareness uniting with the inexplicable glory of liberating presence.  Wisdom is one in her encircling stillness and free in her ineffable completeness, awareness of presence embracing presence of awareness in the ground of integral personhood, transcending  separation of ‘me’ from ‘not me.’  Christ in the midst is neither ‘me,’ nor separate from ‘me,’ like the vine nourishing many branches or the body sustaining many limbs.  My ‘me’ is not the ‘I AM’ that unveils God, because communion is not confusion, nor does division subvert difference between ‘me’ and ‘I AM,’ poisoning God’s self-revelation through his Name.  The Name releases everything into the heart of awareness, consummating incompleteness in the joy of ineffable completeness.

The Name unveils the glory of God when wisdom awakens to presence at the heart of awareness.  The Spirit bears witness to the mysteries of freedom flowing forth in the midst, luminous grace releasing uncreated light, fathomless and pure.  Awareness is like a mirror, the image of God in whose likeness God reflects God, the Spirit mirroring the Son’s mirroring of the Father.  Flawless and formless is the mirror of awareness as it awakens to the Spirit of truth in the heart of awareness.  God is everywhere present and fills all things as they mirror his glory in the heart of pure awareness.  Difference is mistaken for division when union is misconstrued as confusion, destroying trust in truth and respect for healthy difference.  Awareness is uncreated light, nothing but light revealing light, when the Name is hallowed and God’s reign comes.  Delusion mistakes the created for the uncreated, spawning deception after deception, whereas wisdom restores glory to God, releasing falls from glory into God’s wholesome, God-centred glorification of God.

The Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, returning to the Father in union with the Son.  This infallible, circular motion of wisdom and glory completes temporal incompleteness in the timeless completeness of God.  God’s glorification of God undoes self-interested self-obsession whether at the angelic or the human level, releasing awareness into presence and presence into awareness in the Name.  Creation is grounded in the uncreated, meaning that it has no enduring foundation in itself.  Wisdom is uncreated like glory, so does not depart from the oneness of God in all and all in God.  Glory abides in wisdom and wisdom in glory, as awareness abides in presence and presence in awareness.  Fear is petrified of freedom whereas love abides freely in the union of wisdom and glory.  Love purifies the heart to illumine it, releasing fear into freedom.  The Name saves by releasing fear into love, dissolving delusion into the delight of light, leaving nothing to dissolve.  Pure awareness is boundless in its presence, which is boundless in its awareness.  The mind of Christ is perfect freedom, releasing presence into awareness and awareness into the presence of ineffable completeness.  The heart of awareness is fulfilled in the presence of ineffable completeness, timeless in its glory and timeless in its wisdom.