Uncreated creativity of Grace

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As uncreated grace, awareness turns the light of awareness round, joyously abiding in the glory of the Father’s presence, unveiling love’s glory through the Son, generously sustaining love’s presence in the Spirit’s witness to wisdom, wisdom loving glory at the heart of God’s revelatory Name.  One presence, revealed in three different ways, the glory of grace turns the light around to purify and illumine the heart.  Elders call this turning metanoia and the light of turned seeing, theoria, imparting a wisdom of Name-hallowing to the saints, renewed from generation to generation as love’s purification, illumination and glorification of the heart.  Grace is decisive, but unless the glory of grace is revealed, it remains hidden, because it is overlooked by ordinary awareness and taken for granted by oblivious presence.  Heaven and earth unite when the Name is hallowed, releasing wisdom to wed uncreated glory in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies.  At first, there is nothing created at centre, but when love’s revelation of the Name is complete, creation arises again as a new heaven and a new earth.  The uncreated gives birth to a new creation, child of the wedded union of wisdom and glory.  A new body of light and glory arises everywhere that the single eye of wisdom is awake.

When wisdom turns the light around, love’s glory descends to reign, hallowing the Name.  Glory is uncreated fire, purifying and illumining the heart, but the fire of love’s glory burns when glorification deifies what the Name hallows.  The heart, pierced by purifying grace, is illumined when turned wisdom dissolves confusion and heals division, spontaneously creating a priceless pearl in the midst.  The pearl turns into a reign of uncreated light unveiling a reign of uncreated glory, fulfilling all in all.  This mystery of mysteries, hidden by time, is unveiled by grace as the glory of timeless yet manifold wisdom.  Without turning light right back into the glory of grace, there would be no fire in the Burning Bush and there would be no revelation of the Name.  All prophecy and all awakened prayer spring from this fire, love’s flame of glory, the fire of grace in a burning Name.  Turning the light right back is not something separated or isolated, but opens earth to heaven in all, for all, becoming an axial point of turning radiance, unveiling love’s glory for all.  Deification is unrecognised by almost all, until the heart awakes and wisdom sees.  For turning is seeing uncreated light that completes love’s glory of grace, that all may turn and see.

Each breath is the Spirit’s energy breathing life and light of love’s glory, manifesting the wondrous beauty of the deifying Name.  Each breath is Oneness unveiling timeless Oneness in glorious Oneness, IHIDAYAH, but if awareness never looks back, the Triune mystery of Oneness remains concealed.   Thoughts and feelings cannot turn around as awareness does, although turning does not cancel thoughts and feelings, but abides at centre witnessing them come and go off-centre.  Uncreated breath breathes inspiration in, spiritually, as the Holy Spirit is loved and known more deeply, when the Name is hallowed and wisdom delights in love’s glory.   Eyes become single-eyed at centre when wisdom glorifies the heart.  Of course, two eyes appear real enough to external observation, or in a mirror.  Eyes both two and one are true but in different ways, in the Name, unconfused and undivided.  Single-eyed glory and uncreated light are everywhere present, filling all things, breath of timeless life gathered in the midst, glory at centre. The Spirit blows where it wills, like wind in hallowed air, freely inspiring hearts to turn and see.  Recollected, turned wisdom gathers what was scattering on the wind, healing what was broken over many generations.  Single-centred seeing purifies and illumines hearts, reversing gravity whilst inverting space and time.  Grace was always uncreated, releasing uncreated creativity to recreate anew, revealing, in the Name, the uncreated creativity of glory.  Single-eyed glory was always uncreated yet creative, grace whose glory wisdom discerns and shares with all, that all may turn and see.