Way of the Name

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Seeking the way of the Name, truth came to reign with glory, seeing life turn light around, planting tender roots sustaining timeless, bright translucency.  Love forgives a seeker’s fear of finding he is found, of knowing she is known, releasing fear into the humble blessing of simplicity.  The Spirit frees Christ to be who he sees, to be all that he sees in each and all, so why struggle to free what was always free to be, as he is?   Why cling to burdens that were never there, never too heavy to bear?  Stillness is ever free to be what wisdom sees and glory knows was always known, so why refuse to see what can always be, when light turns and sees?  Why resist what grace is always freely giving, what glory is always freely being, always freely forgiving?  Fear cannot explain, but is relieved to be heard, to be understood, as it binds itself in double-binds rather than fly free in the wind?  Old trauma grips what it grasps rather than fly forth in the Name of freedom.  Old fears bind others in double binds, rather than break free of double binds that bind fear to fear.  Formless, nameless and free, the Name always frees because it was never bound, never binding what it frees.  This is the way of the Name, formless, blessed and free.

Finding the way of the Name, glory came to reign here at centre in the midst.  No trace of binds or double-binds, here, where fear turns round, seeing love ascend in glory.  The Name sees awareness everywhere, presence everywhere, uniting wisdom and glory at every turn.  The way of the Name is forever free, forever freeing, refusing to bind and separate what separation binds, binding what is bound by double-binds.  The serpent of self-obsession cannot withstand the dragon of free fire, cannot overcome dragon breath, the Spirit’s flame that consumes confusion and dispels division.  The bite of the serpent is cured with dragon fire, awareness purifying presence, so that presence is aware.  Joy unbounded unbinds all double-binds, a flame of the Name consuming fear with boundless love.  Fear mistakes the dragon for a snake, petrified by what was never there.  Joy frees by being what seeing sees, by agreeing with the Name that awareness is present, that presence is aware.  Seeing you are free, you are free, whereas fear thinks it is bound, so indeed, it is bound, dragging its chains around.  The way of the Name is truth; we are what we see, for as the light turns, so light sees and in glory, is gloriously seen.

Completing the way of the Name, wisdom is one, still, free and complete, from glory, unveiling glory that completes incompleteness.  Confusion sees separation and with it, painful lack of completeness.  Union sees communion and with it, completed completeness.  Wisdom sees the glory of completeness already present in the uncreated energy of grace, extracting healing medicines from the poison of venomous serpents.  Dragon fire transforms fatal venom into healing remedies with an alchemy that only wisdom knows.  Stories of magic retain old wisdom that can still purify and enlighten the heart.  Once they are forgotten, no-one remembers how to tell the difference between serpent venom and dragon fire, because without dragon remedies, people die of serpent venom without knowing the old, effective cures.  Wisdom reveres old tales and retold stories, ensuring old therapies of glory are not neglected.  The way of the Name is luminous and bright, turning light right round so dazzling glory hallows and heals.  Pure awareness offers pure presence wisdom, curing what only hallowing glory heals.  Stillness serenely heals what venom kills, trusting the fire of dragons to work their hallowing power.  Venom runs in mortal veins, yet turning light around, dragon fire turns them into immortal remedies, curing mortality with dragon breath.  This is the way of the Name, turned light turning glory round, consuming old delusion with dragon fire.