Love of Wisdom

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Wisdom interprets the glory of the Name, communicating the beauty of holiness to saints, kindling the fire of love which extinguishes division by curing confusion.  Christ is the Word of Wisdom revealing God, restoring harmony through vision of God, sustaining harmony through love of God, transmitting harmony through glorification of God.  Established in harmony, wisdom practices harmony through glorification of God, completing incompleteness with abundant completeness.

Glory loves wisdom because she unveils the completeness of infinite harmony, unravelling the way of the Name in every generation, teaching new ways to complete incompleteness, sustaining elders from generation to generation.  Elders know that without wisdom there is no regeneration of the tradition, no metanoia, or turning, and no theoria, seeing.  Christ’s way of truth is healing love, well able to save sinners in their despair, transfiguring saints with deifying harmony. 

Genuine love of wisdom is not confused with philosophy, scholastic or analytic, just as glorification is not confused with conventional religious conformity or denominational fundamentalism.  Love of genuine wisdom transcends all fundamentalism, transforming created energies, in the light of uncreated wisdom, into transfiguring glorification.  Wisdom reveals the beauty of holiness co-inhering within harmony, inspiring saints on earth, through Christ, in heavenly realms of transfiguring glorification.