Enlightening Vision

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Vision of God is enlightening vision, extending the reign of heaven to earth.  Purity of heart is single-minded when the mind descends into the enlightened heart, dissolving hardness of heart and sclerosis of mind.  The storm of confusion is stilled when wisdom illumines the mind in the heart, healing devilish division with manifold wisdom.   Contemplative wisdom is vision of God, not gnostic delusion, renewing human participation in God’s knowledge of God, which is God’s enlightening vision of God the Holy Trinity.  Grace saves because gracious energy is uncreated, not because gnostics are superior to everyone else.  Enlightening vision of God is the Spirit’s insight into the union of the Father and the Son, which illumines the mind within all-embracing purity of heart.

Wisdom is manifold because God is manifold in his many names, all of which reveal the oneness of the Name above all names.  God is not divided into one or many, but is many in the names that reveal uncreated oneness that overflows with wondrous openness.  Grace nurtures the children of God with manifold wisdom, revealing manifold mysteries of glory.  Every expression of these mysteries differs in the way it speaks of wisdom, although it is the same wisdom that saves the saints in every case. Wisdom rests in completeness of glory as she completes incompleteness, without wavering into incompleteness as she embraces incompleteness with completeness. Enlightening vision of God is decisive, communicating manifold wisdom as manifold glorification.

The Son of man is always the enlightening Son of God that the Spirit knows, handing wisdom on in God’s timeless reign of glory from age to age.  The fulfilment of the completeness of glory never ends, so saints press on from glory to glory.  They do not preen themselves on their achievements but dance from step to step with spontaneous, never-ending freedom.  Saints rest in peace in the vision of God by embracing glory with ever-increasing glory, never prematurely closing mind or heart.  Wisdom sings new songs as she renews her song with the grace of the Name, never repeating herself as she rejoices in the openness of deifying oneness.  Her enlightening vision is inexhaustible, endlessly renewing her wisdom song in every moment without repetition.