Reversing the Adversary

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The Holy Spirit reverses the inversions of the adversary, restoring the glory of wisdom to God.  The Holy Trinity replenishes hearts with uncreated light that cures adversities caused by the adversary, overcoming the resistant antitheses of the antichrist.  The Thrice-Holy Name imparts saving grace to sinners, transforming them into saints, redeeming time with timeless glory.  The hallowing Name floods the world with the light of wisdom, filling it with uncreated glory, inverting the perversions of the adversary.  God’s presence in the temple leaves the temple when wisdom opens the sanctuary of the heart to glory filling the earthly paradise like the temple, bringing heaven to earth in blessed gardens of graced stillness.  

God’s reversed inversions convert the world in many mysterious ways, but in time satanic separation never ceases to confuse and divide what God unites.  Through temptation, the adversary attempts to overcome the world with evil, but Name-hallowing restores the world in God’s timeless reign of glory.  Grace abounds with boundless mercy, empowering the remembrance of God through the Name, curing temporal sufferings in safe houses of timeless healing.   Seers behold the saving energies of wisdom in reams of timeless glory, opening glory beyond all expectation to ever-increasing glory.  Saints abide in the peace of wisdom, discerning the ineffable glory of grace.

Reversing the lying inversions of the adversary, the Spirit unceasingly silences the subtle whisperings of satan, empowering hearts to recognise God’s glorification of God in realms of uncreated light.  Neither thought nor sensation can perceive what the eye of the heart beholds, but wisdom discerns God’s presence in glory, abiding at centre in the midst.  Wisdom’s secret, however, remains mostly hidden, even when it is revealed, preserving glory from vanity in the sanctuary of the heart.  Both mind and heart belong to God, not to satan, ruler of this world, so their union is communion with God, reversing the perversions of the adversary.