The Name as Mirror

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The Name mirrors God in the heart, revealing God’s image and likeness in mysteries of glory, unveiling the face of Christ in the Holy Spirit.  Wisdom sees what glory reveals, communicating God’s mysterious reign by hallowing the Name.  Wisdom turns to see the face of glory where before sinners saw themselves, releasing the Spirit of truth to unveil God’s truth through the Name.

Mirroring God is always decisive, revealing glory to wisdom, enlightening hearts with the translucent wisdom of Christ.  Revelation itself is definitive, not the definitions that litter worlds constructed by literal minds, unveiling glory to wisdom in the Name. Purity of heart is always definitive for true mirroring, being decisive for hallowing holiness.

The unveiled face of wisdom sees through profane obscurity, revealing glory in the image and likeness of heaven.  The Name here below mirrors heaven above, mirroring heaven’s holy mirroring of God the Holy Trinity, uniting what is below with what is above.  Trust lives from heaven above by mirroring God in the wisdom and glory of the Holy Name.