Friends of transfiguration

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Desert wisdom transmits transfiguring light in the Name, inspiring glorification of God in God through the Name, turning seers of glory into friends of transfiguration.   Prophecy hands on the uncreated Word that reveals the Name which pure prayer is empowered to assimilate, embraced as revelation of glory in the awakened heart.  Friends of transfiguration live in the light of glory, the glory of the Name, awakening the eye of the heart to the mysteries of Mount Sinai, ‘I AM who I AM,’ of Mount Carmel, ‘I AM, he is God,’ and of Mount Horeb, the ‘still, small voice.’  Mount Tabor confirms the theophanies of Sinai, Carmel and Horeb in the glorified persons of Moses and Elijah, who bear witness to the light of the glory of Christ, unveiling the glory of transfiguration through the Holy Name ‘I AM.’

When Jesus reveals the Name without predicates, he unveils the Name ‘I AM’ before Abraham was, which was mistaken for idolatrous confusion by those who were confusing themselves with ‘I AM.’  When he reveals the Name with predicates, he unveils ‘I AM,’ which is bread of life to companions who share life-giving bread together, transmitting the Name as uncreated light to friends of transfiguration.  As light of the world, the Name reveals light which enlightens the eye of the heart, opening transfiguration into God’s fold of light where ‘I AM’ is the door and Christ is ‘I AM’ the Good Shepherd.  For ‘I AM’ knows his own, those who know him in his Name.   For them, ‘I AM’ is way, truth and life, being the body that gives life to its members, the vine that sustains the branches.  ‘I AM’ is resurrection and eternal life to both friends of transfiguration and companions  of glory saying: ‘I AM, be not afraid.’  Transfiguration unveils ‘I AM’ as light of glory to all who turn and see, communicating transfiguring completeness to their incompleteness.

Friends of transfiguration do not forget that confusion between ‘I AM’ and ‘me’ breeds spiritual death, urging trust in the Holy Name so that death in confusion releases into life of light and glory.  Death has no sting for ‘I AM,’ because there is no trace in ‘I AM’ of corruptibility, for there is nothing mortal about uncreated light.  Transfiguration conveys the certainty of light opening to light and of glory unveiling glory, not the shallow certainty of rigid opinion, but God’s own certainty of God in God, Holy Trinity imparted as grace to the deified.  To know Christ as he is, is to turn and see ‘I AM,’ God revealing God in the midst.  The Spirit of truth bears witness to Jesus as ‘I AM’ from ‘I AM,’ revealing the Name above all names in the glory of God’s Kingdom come.  Transfiguration confirms the theophanies of Moses and Elijah in the theophany of Tabor, which grounds purification and illumination of the heart in the wisdom that turns and sees God in the midst, grounding glorification in revelation of the Name.

Co-companions of glory walk on stormy waters as ‘I AM’ rides wild winds as graced wings, whispering the stilling voice that befriends the friends of God.  Friends raise their hearts when ‘I AM’ resurrects the heart, saying, ‘Yes,’ ‘Amen,’ to the life of glory that reveals the Kingdom come.  The ‘yes’ of hallowing synergy is crucial if the way and truth of the Name is to be sustained, because God does not impose but gently woos, seeking the co-operation that releases grace into graceful freedom.  Friends of transfiguration are not coerced by God, but ineffably loved, so as to be freed to return love with love.  Transfiguration fills them with light so that in God’s light they see light, awakening to light in all and to all in light.  Glory is the light of their life when love reigns.  Love’s glory is God’s Kingdom come in light as light, the meaning and intention of God’s transfiguring grace.

Friends of transfiguration bear witness in stillness to the glory of the Name.  They are not confused by confusion nor seduced by divisive spin.  They abide in God, sustained by the revelation of God’s Name ‘I AM,’ because the Spirit has turned them into seers of God’s light in the midst.  Hallowing friendship supports the hallowed companionship of graced transfiguration, opening to beauty of holiness in ineffable and unexpected ways.  Impossible to predict, the beauty of glory unfolds in unpredictable ways.  Clinging to rules and regulations fails to understand transfiguration and falls far short of the mysteries of light and glory.  But wisdom awakes when graced wonder is struck with awe by the treasure hidden in the field of our being, waiting to be embraced by transfiguration.  God whispers to the heart, ‘I am I AM thy God; turn and see.’  ‘I am I AM, thy God, and I do not give my glory to another.’  ‘I am I AM thy God and there is no other.’ ‘I AM is our God: I AM is one.’

Transfiguration bequeaths a legacy of love and freedom which sustains the way of the Name as hallowing glorification.  Spiritual co-companionship serves direct deification just as transfiguring friendship supports the ways and means that sustain it.  The scope of transfiguring wisdom is revelation of glory in humble living, far from the heady seductions of celebrity.  Translucent wisdom guides her friends into the ways of humble love so that her co-companions share her sacred mysteries with those who welcome glory home.  No-one is excluded but all remain free to exclude themselves until their hearts are profoundly ready to say ‘Yes.’  There is no constraint with wisdom, no bruit force with glory, because love is gentle and always compassionate and kind.  Transfiguration shares her mysteries of glory freely, but being ineffable, the seed, though well sown, grows as it wills, not as our wills dictate. Friends of transfiguring glory are emptied of themselves at centre for the sake of the Name, which opens light to light and glory to transfiguring glorification without end.