Radical openness: wisdom in glory

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Revelation of the Name is inconceivable and ineffable, being the glory unveiled to wisdom in the radical openness of the awakened heart.  Hallowing the Name, the Kingdom comes but glory is unknowable and unutterable, even when wisdom opens the eye of the heart and the light of glory illumines.  The Father generates the Son anew in every moment, so that when the Spirit proceeds to abide in the Son, the Son unveils God’s Name in us.  For it is God who knows God in God when God, the Holy Spirit, bears witness to the Son.  The Spirit bears witness to Christ so that through him, all glory is restored to the Father.  Holy Trinity is not three gods dividing God, but divine oneness shared freely as grace, the gift of union with Christ in the radical openness of wisdom and of communion with the Spirit in the radiant openness of glory. 

 Revelatory openness cannot be trapped in a cage of concepts, because the grasping mind is undone here when light opens to glory and wisdom beholds God through God.  Wisdom opens glory to ineffable openness when the Spirit releases light into light and glory into glory, opening into boundless freedom without end.  The Spirit of truth frees whenever turning stills the grasping mind, communicating union through God the Son and communion with God the Father.  Linear time divides deification into three discrete stages, turning, then illumination, then glorification, but radical wisdom sees through sequential time, opening awareness to presence and presence to awareness, wisdom wedding glory in the timeless ‘now’ of the Name.  

The name Jesus means God’s Name ‘I AM’ saves, Yah Shuah, Yeshuah,  Jesus, who bears witness to the Name above all names, generating release wherever we turn.  The Name saves from divisive confusion by revealing ‘I AM,’ God the Word being always already free of confusion and without division from before the beginning.  In the end, God is what God always was, ‘I AM,’ and is now as in the beginning, divine awareness of presence, deifying presence of uncreated awareness.  Release is not what we do, usurping God here in the midst, but what God is doing when his glorious awareness frees confusion into union and his illumining presence releases division into communion, in the radical openness of the saving Name.  

Uncreated awareness is ever-present, uncreated presence is ever aware, transcending every closed dualism by opening wisdom as awareness to glory as presence, God’s Kingdom of wisdom and glory in the hallowed Name.  Deifying awareness and glorifying presence are indivisible in the radical openness of wisdom, just as presence and awareness are inseparable in the ineffable expanse of glory.  Uncreated awareness is omnipresent glory and uncreated presence is enlightening omniscience, a co-inherence of wisdom and glory that is alight and radiant in the awakened heart.  The mysteries of the Name are inscrutable, so the divided mind discovers nothing to grasp.  The mysteries of wisdom and glory are ineffable so hardened hearts find nothing to get hold of.  ‘I AM’ is holy so does not require progressive purification or enlightenment, but purifies and illumines all who turn and see.  But when confusion reigns, the Kingdom appears like a paradise lost and separation rules like an irrational power.  Delusive powers have no actual power over wisdom, but dissolve when wisdom sees and glory reveals the Kingdom.

The hallowed Name is glory awakening wisdom in the Kingdom come, not enslavement to addictive fear nor constriction within closed, fixated beliefs.  The binary logic of separative belief is overturned by wisdom when unrestricted glory releases the constraints of conventional exclusion.  There are beliefs which bind and harden the heart, and there is faith in the Name which liberates the heart.  Awareness opens presence to pristine clarity so that presence is seen in wisdom as primordial glory.  Wisdom is manifold in manifestation but one in undistracted glory.  Christ awakens all through the Spirit,  being present in the midst without obstruction.  In the Spirit, there is healthy tension, which is neither too tight nor too slack, but releases strain into peace and stress into stillness.  Neither frenzied nor soporific, awareness relaxes into presence whilst presence releases into freedom.

The Name saves by opening the heart to unobstructed openness, wisdom awake to glory in unrestricted freedom.  Uncreated light unveils seamless stillness at the heart of the world, confirming prophecy through pure, unceasing prayer.  It is the Spirit who prays without ceasing in the depths of the heart, not to be confused with our verbal prayers repeated by rote in church or cell.  Prescribed services have their place when wisdom is exiled, but verbal prayers may dissolve into spiritual prayer when the grace of glory draws near.  The Lord’s Prayer repeated without remembrance of God forgets to actually hallow the Name, postponing the coming kingdom to the end of time.  But time ends when wisdom beholds glory and uncreated awareness opens to divine presence, wisdom ascribing  glory to God in the Kingdom come.  The hallowed Name reveals in God the oneness of ‘I’ awareness and ‘AM’ presence, communicating union with God as deifying communion, the Spirit unveiling the radical openness of wisdom in glory.