Spirit of Wisdom

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The Spirit of wisdom reveals the uncreated glory of grace with unconditioned freedom, transcending conditioned ways and means with uncreated openness.  Wisdom and glory bear witness to co-inherent union, revealing unconditioned communion of elders and saints, but this mystery of infinite glory is hidden until wisdom is unveiled by the Holy Spirit in illumined glorification.  Pentecost completes Good Friday and Holy Pascha by resurrecting saints in Christ to the reign of grace in ascended glory, completing purification of the heart with ascending illumination, opening enlightened insight to ineffable glory with hallowing glorification.  The mysteries of Christ restore glory to the Father in the Spirit, transcending conditioned ways and means.  One with Christ in his ascension, saints awaken to Christ in the glory of his glorification. The mystery of Christ’s glorification of the Father is revealed by the Spirit with the help of wisdom’s intuitive insight, beyond all penultimate, conditioning ways and means. The Holy Spirit unveils the truth of all the mysteries of Christ, revealing how his union with the Father restores glory to saints.  

The Holy Spirit consummates these mysteries of Holy Trinity with wisdom, revealing the completeness of glory healing incompleteness anew in every moment.  The presence of glory in the age to come is timeless, as is wisdom’s vision of glory in God’s reign of grace.  Wisdom dies before death to the death of deadening death, just as  glory raises saints to timeless life.  For saints, this is no theoretical abstraction but living experience in the Spirit, awakening to the presence of glory in Christ, restoring glory to the Father.  What Christ saw becomes what saints see in Christ, seeing the union of seer and seen in him that undergirds the communion of saints.  Without the Spirit of wisdom, these mysteries of glory in Christ would remain concealed, whereas in the Spirit, wisdom is revealed, unveiling glory.  The whole dispensation of grace is hidden in Christ until revealed by the Spirit as a new, generous, gratuitous covenant, regenerating saints anew in the timeless presence of ineffable glory. 

The Spirit of uncreated wisdom is, therefore, the key to all realms of glory on earth, as it is key to all realms of glory in heaven.  Demonic deception remains determined to distract hearts from wisdom’s gaze, although it cannot create anything real but only pervert what God creates by misconstruing what the Spirit gives.  Wisdom gloriously inverts demonic perversions by consuming confusion and healing division, revealing the truth Christ came to reveal.  Pride accuses wisdom of pride, whereas humility embraces wisdom with a kiss.  The gaze of wisdom embraces grace with a kiss of peace, never wavering from the ineffable glory of grace.  As sinners, we fall from glory, having first fallen from grace, showing inversely how saints are restored to glory by embracing grace.  The Spirit loves wisdom’s embrace of grace, delighting in wisdom’s uncreated light of glory.  Wisdom, in turn, loves glory, whose completeness cures incompleteness by restoring timeless glory.  The Spirit of wisdom reveals the completeness of glory in the midst of incompleteness, turning the heart right round into Christ’s union with the Father, restoring glory as living communion by hallowing saints in realms of uncreated glory.