Spirit of Glory

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The Spirit of glory prays without ceasing in the midst, interceding in ineffable words of uncreated love and mercy, revealing that the throne of grace is a mercy seat standing under all verbal, audible prayers.  Revealed by Christ, in human words, this ineffable prayer is called the ‘Lord’s Prayer,’ and is known to all whilst its ineffable scope and efficacy remains hidden as the unceasing prayer of the Spirit of glory.  For when the Spirit prays: ‘Abba, Father’ in heavenly realms, it hallows God’s Holy Name, praying that the Kingdom comes and God’s will is done on earth, as it is done in heaven.  It is done in heaven by the Spirit of glory, who prays with archangels in angels through saints, praying the ineffable prayer the Lord prayed, revealed by the Spirit to be the ineffable prayer prayed in heaven by all who invoke the Trisagion, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy.’  It is the Spirit who is praying the prayer of Name-hallowing in heaven, unveiling hallowing prayer in realms of glory that reverberates throughout God’s Kingdom of glory. The Spirit prays this prayer of ineffable glorification in all who turn and see, awakening them first to the mercy of grace, then to the uncreated light of glory, then to the glory of grace at centre in the midst.

The Spirit prays the Lord’s Prayer because the Spirit is one with Christ’s hallowing of his Father’s Holy Name, one with the realms of glory Christ saw when he turned and saw the Kingdom of God in glory.  The Book of Revelation reveals what Christ saw (Rev 4) and what the Spirit saw when it beheld Christ enthroned (Rev 5), namely, Christ the Lamb in the midst of the throne, Christ, seat of mercy, seated here on the throne, Christ the Word of grace naming the Name.  Glory speaks in the Spirit as the voice of revelation, not only as the voice of intercession, revealing intercession to be the Spirit’s voice of hallowing glorification. The Lord’s Prayer is known to all, but its ineffable depths are known only to the Spirit, praying in Christ, revealing with Christ the glory of the Father.  The glory the Spirit reveals in Christ is the glory of the Holy Trinity, revealing how revelation of glory unveils the Father through the Son, hidden in the Spirit’s ineffable prayer of glorification.

Glorification unveils the Spirit’s gift of unceasing prayer through Christ, restoring glory to the Father.  It is the ineffable prayer that glorifies the Holy Trinity, prayed first and foremost by the Holy Trinity, hallowing the Name of the Father through Christ, the Name of Christ in the Father and the Name of them both in the Holy Spirit.  Hallowing the Name is what each person of the Holy Trinity is doing unceasingly, glorifying the Name of God in each, glorifying the Name of God in all.  The Spirit of glory unveils the Name of glory in each person of the Holy Trinity in turn, turning round into the presence of God in each, revealing presence as glory through all, unveiling awareness as wisdom in all.  The Spirit turns to see glory in wisdom and wisdom in glory, unveiling the Holy of Holies as the Bridal Chamber of the Song of Songs.  Here, at centre, Holy Trinity reveals love’s glory with ineffable words of silent, translucent stillness, dancing with images whilst co-inhering beyond images, releasing images into imageless, ineffable love.