Uncreated Light

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When the light of awareness turns around, uncreated light purifies the heart, unifying the energies of earth and heaven.  Uncreated light arises in the midst of created energies, generating the body of light in uncreated light.  The light body is born in the material body when the fire of the Spirit reveals the pearl of great price.  Heaven and earth unite in the Holy of Holies where the Bridal Chamber is revealed.  Stillness attends the union that generates communion, firing the circulation of light around uncreated light.  Turning the light of awareness round keeps to the glory of God at centre, restoring glory to the original glory of uncreated grace.  Both golden crown and golden throne enclose light in glory without dissipating confusion or disintegrating division.  The throne centres in glory beneath the heart and the crown centres in glory above the heart, reversing all the inversions of the fall.  Turning created light around unites the whole creation with uncreated glory in the midst.  Created energies come to rest in uncreated light of glory when wisdom turns and sees, as wisdom’s seeing sees.  Netherworlds of distracted dissipation dissolve back into the body of light and glory when wisdom turns and glory sees as it is seen.

Timeless wisdom truly empties the temporary incompleteness of distracted time back into timeless glory.  Christ’s glorification is not just his own private affair but is his timeless glorification of God in all, and his timeless glorification of all in God. Illumination is no random circumstance but Christ in all, glorifying all in Christ, which the Spirit completes in truth by hallowing the Name.  Timeless glory ends time and with it temporary incompleteness, when light turns back into uncreated light of glory. The whole creation turns when wisdom turns because Christ saves all in his hallowing Name.  When the mind goes out into endless dissipation, true endlessness is lost, but when awareness turns into wisdom’s timeless gaze, heaven weds earth with a timeless kiss of peace, and awareness embraces uncreated awareness at centre in the midst. The wholesome singularity of the eye of the awakened heart fills the human body with uncreated light, ascending in Christ into the uncreated light of glory.  Ascension in Christ opens to glorification in Christ in the Spirit, revealing infinite spaciousness permeating ordinary space.  The uncreated light of the eye of the heart is neither inside or outside the body; rather the heart is embraced by uncreated light when glory reigns.  

The body of light is not just a body but the revelation of glory embracing the whole creation, because that is what Christ is actually doing.  Christ embraces all things when he reigns in light and glory, turning creation round into his reign of uncreated glory. Saints are witness to the Spirit’s turning of creation back into uncreated light of glory, not just to their own private salvation as isolated individuals.  Once turning turns, creation turns, embracing earth with heaven’s glory, undoing dissipation by purifying the heart, illumining the mind in the awakened eye of the heart, bearing witness to the reign of glory in all through all.  The body of light reveals the body of glory, not just in private individuals but in angels and saints whose heaven embraces earth with wisdom’s gaze and timeless kiss.  The reign of timeless glory is revealed in the Name, whose hidden mystery envelops all worlds with boundless glory.  Stillness is aware of glory and present to this timeless glory, reverting the satanic inversions of the fall into the ineffable glory of grace.  Narrows widen and shallows deepen to the degree that wisdom awakens to glory in the Name.  Hallowing the Name hallows the reign of the Name with glory, turning everything right round on the glorious axis of the uncreated light of Christ.