Hypostatic Dimensions

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Christ reveals himself to be wisdom, sending the Spirit unveiled in wisdom, restoring glory to the Father.  The Father’s Name reveals wisdom and glory through the Son, imparted to saints in the Holy Spirit, unveiling hypostatic dimensions of God the Holy Trinity.  Hypostatic dimensions are not confused with dimensions of uncreated energy, but neither are they divided from them.  Once again, there is union without confusion, lived as communion without division.  Hypostatic dimensions are ways God generates God and proceeds from God to abide in God, whereas God’s ineffable dimensions of awareness and presence, oneness and openness, are God in action as uncreated grace and glory.  Stillness resonates with uncreated dimensions in both hypostatic and active, energetic modes, opening to deifying energies of Holy Trinity.  A Patristic consensus continues to operate from generation to generation, employing key distinctions without letting them degenerate into dissipating divisions.  Patristic fathers and mothers are called holy because they hallow the Holy Name, not because they think they are holy outside holy hallowing or because they set themselves up above the Holy Spirit.

Holy dimensions of wisdom and glory are revealed by the Father through the Son, unveied in the Spirit to the glory of the Father.  Deifying dimensions unveil as circles encircling God in the midst, circles that interpenetrate both as Holy Trinity and as co-inherent energies.  Both kinds of dimension deify angels and saints by imparting oneness of wisdom and glory, never letting differences descend into divisions or oneness into confusion.   If it is legitimate to speak of channelling at all, it is wisdom channeling glory rather than saints channelling saints, because saints do not set themselves up apart from God but bear witness to God through God, never ceasing to abide in God at centre in the midst.  Transmission is not, therefore, something mechanical or externally pre-determined, but gloriously spontaneous and undetermined.  Transmission is an example of ineffable co-inherence, not of totalitarian conformity, permeated, as it is, by ineffable openness.  

Hypostatic dimensions of circular co-inherence transmit Holy Trinity by bearing witness to oneness as ineffable openness, not by imposing external, conformist coherence.  Co-inherence is, however, coherent in many ineffable ways, somehow holding steady even when worldly concerns cut across ultimate concerns in imperious ways.  What happens to Holy Orthodoxy when two Orthodox powers are at war?   Differing worldly concerns may threaten to descend into divisive conflict but does this destroy the holy catholicity, unity and apostolic co-inherence of Holy Orthodoxy?   When Russia and Ukraine are at war, what happens to the Holy Trinity?  Is God divided?  Or is it not evident that glory embraces wisdom in ways that bear witness to oneness beyond the scope of tanks and bombs.  Since Christ is the wholeness of humanity in person, he is a oneness of wisdom and glory that abides unbroken, even in the midst of war and terror.  Hypostatic dimensions of infallible ineffability hold steady with enduring tenacity even when worldly concerns are tearing nations apart.  Wisdom is loved with ultimate concern when glory co-inheres with Holy Trinity in hypostatic dimensions of ineffable co-inherence.