Silent Stillness

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Silent stillness reverberates with ineffable words and numbers, richly adorned with multi-textured glory, shimmering with multiple-dimensional oneness and openness.  The practice of completeness hallows the Name with wisdom’s discernment of glory in every breath, beholding the body of rainbow light reflecting and refracting the uncreated body of ineffable glory.  It is not that the material body ceases to manifest in the three dimensions of length, breadth and height, because awakening to spacious oneness of wisdom and glory does not consume material space but does consume confusion as it deflects divisive delusion, revealing the body of uncreated light in dazzling glory.  Wisdom turns and sees the body of light resplendent as a body of uncreated glory, empowering three dimensional bodies to arise and ascend with Christ into uncreated light and glory.  The wisdom practice of turning and seeing is fundamental because it unveils the invisible dimension of oneness embracing wisdom and glory, unveiling dimensions of ineffable spaciousness inter-penetrating the visible dimensions of space.  The visible spatial dimensions of length, breadth and height are revealed by wisdom to be reflectons of spacious dimensions of awareness, presence and oneness when wisdom dawns with glory in the oneness of the Holy of Holies.  Matter unveils as created energy, transfused with uncreated energy, empowering the ineffable unfolding of purification, illumination and glorification.

Silent stillness reverberates with uncreated words and numbers, beyond the spatial dimensions of length, breadth and height, revealing three ineffable dimensions of spaciousness through the unfolding of awareness, presence and oneness, inspiring the practice of purifying wisdom, integral illumination and hallowing glorification. Stillness is silent but not inarticulate because the speech of wisdom and glory is eloquent in its witness to the oneness of awareness and presence.  Wise stillness is awake to the glory of the completeness of ineffable completeness because silence is not vacuous in its translucent emptiness but eloquent, silent because its eloquence is utterly overwhelming.   Like dazzling darkness, silence is not lack but overflowing fulness.  Its completeness completes incompleteness by communicating consummate completeness, not by falling dismally short of it.  Stillness abides in the completeness of ineffable openness, overwhelming speech with translucent clarity.  When silence descends, wisdom ascends, communicating ineffable openness, stillness singing wisdom songs that communicate the wisdom of stillness.

Stillness abides in ways that open spatial dimensions of length, breadth and height to spacious dimensions of wisdom, glory and oneness, unveiling the wisdom and glory of the Name.  Hallowing the Name saves because the Name is ineffably holy, revealing dimensions of wisdom and glory in realms of oneness and openness.  The will of heaven is done when the Name is hallowed and realms of glory are revealed.   The heavens rejoice when earth is restored to glory through the Name.  Prophecy gives thanks when unceasing prayer abides in the Spirit’s delight, which is to unveil the wisdom and glory of the Name.  Stillness sings wisdom songs of ineffable glory in the silence of the night, as darkness dazzles and silence sings.  To deprive emptiness of the glorification of God is to condemn God to empty, vacuous silence unless wisdom sings of glory in the oneness of ineffable openness.  In fact, wisdom corrects imbalanced extremism by opening sterile extremes to the uncreated creativity of oneness in between.  Prophecy speaks, opening prayer to silence, showing speech how to unveil the ineffable eloquence of silence.  Stillness abides in the eloquent silence of ineffable speech, revealing quiet resplendence, radiant in the ineffable dimensions of spacious openness, hidden in the silence at the heart of wisdom and glory.