Love of my life

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Glory be to thee, O Christ, love of my life, overcoming my death by your death, resurrecting my death in your life, ascending my light through your light, descending as glory from your glory, glorifying my brokenness with ineffable light.  Glory to thee, Father of light, generating light from light in the night of my life, light of turning, light of seeing, light of oneness: seeing and being.  How I love thee!  Glory to thee!  Open my heart to thee, Spirit of Truth, revealing Christ to many broken hearts, making us whole.  There are no words for this light, light of my spirit, breathing life into my life, your light into my heart!  How I love thee, light of my life, whose light is my love, uncovering love of timeless life rising here in my midst.  Glory to thee, love of my life!  Into thy loving hands I commend my spirit!  Glory to thee, death of my death, life of my life, Song of my songs, awakening my heart to your Song of Songs.  Grant me grace to sing wisdom songs in the silence of night, sing when stillness sings!

I give you my life, O my King!  Open me to thee, O King of many kings, and let me in.  I give back my life to thee, for it was always thine.  Thank you for everything!  What is this song?  Is it my last song?  Am I returning to thee?  Am I releasing myself back into thee?  Is this my death or is it yet another death before I die?  I do not know, but does it matter?  It is all the same in thee.  We give our lives in war and I was born at the end of the last world war, but in between, we give our loves as we give our lives to thee.  Is this the beginning of another war?  Was all my life another ‘between the wars’?  Was this new Elizabethan age yet another ‘between the wars?’  My life is a ‘between’ in any case.  Releasing it, whatever it is, I am not me, but thee.  Into thy presence, I release my awareness, for here in the midst, I am not me but thee.  Glory to thee!

Thank you for life, for love, for love of life and love.  You gave, that I might give!  I am giving thanks, in any case, free to be who I am in thee.  One spirit in thy Spirit, I repose in thee.  Thanks be to glory, for loving wisdom all my life!   She is my love, the love of my life!  Naught but thee, here, at centre in the midst!  Seeing as seeing sees and is forever seen!  Glory to thee!  There is nothing here but thee!  I love thee!  All my life is one, here, in this love of thee!  Turning round, there is nothing here but thee!  Turning back, there is nothing left but thee!  Turning into ceaseless turning, thou art who thou art, not me, usurping thee!   Turning without ceasing, the Spirit of wisdom bears witness to thee in me.  So be it!  Amen!  Glory be to thee!  There never was anything else but this, turning me back into thee!  Love of my life!   Glory to thee!   Amen!  So be it!  Glory to thee!