Pentecost and Glorification

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Pentecost transmits glorification but glorification is ineffable, so the symbols and icons that communicate its mysteries are not rational concepts, although reason may play a humble part in communicating them.  If the ineffable ‘words’ of revelation are confused with words of Scripture, the literal usurps the spiritual and uncreated energies of glory are shut out.  Elders constantly remind the saints not to confuse God with concepts of God.  Although they use concepts to explain how glory reveals God, they never reduce revelation to conceptual comprehension.   God, being ineffable, is incomprehensible and so transcends words and concepts, which can, however, be used to explain how defying transcendence works.  Glory reveals God when the Name unveils God in the midst, but WHAT this entails cannot be defined.  Ineffable glory imparts what conceptual reason cannot express, and it is wisdom’s ineffable Pentecost that transmits these mysteries.  

Pentecost completes prophecy and transmits wisdom to the apostles which elders impart as illumination and glorification to the saints.  Apostles and prophets hand on this legacy of wisdom and glory at the heart of Scripture and Tradition, not a system of concepts, but elders and saints constantly discover new ways of communicating this.  Purification and illumination cleanse the mind of conceptual addictions and fixations including the various ‘isms’ that usurp glory.  Literalism is idolatrous, but its cure is illumination which purifies the heart.  Traditionalism  reduces the living tradition to fixed formulas and dogmas which take the place of direct awakening to God in the heart.  Fundamentalism is spiritual sclerosis that hardens the heart against the experience of revelation.  It demonises mystical awakening because uncreated illumination releases fixation, which compulsive fear cannot permit.  Biblical literalism is characteristic of fundamentalism, which reduces the experience of light and glory to a fear-driven acquisition of a closed system of beliefs.  Elders are not taken in by the seductions of fear or by sophisticated speculation, which presumes to usurp glorification by substituting its own parody of enlightenment for humble illumination.  These pathologies can take many warring forms, orthodox and oriental orthodox,  protestant and catholic, traditional and progressive, esoteric and conventional.   They all have in common fear’s resistance to wisdom, although what usurps glory very widely differs.  

ineffable glory transcends words and concepts but the unfolding of glorification often begins with them when the heart’s sclerosis is being diagnosed, before turning awakens to seeing.  Once illumination in uncreated light cures hardness of heart, words and concepts fall away and light leads from light into glory.  This is ineffable but real and is the Spirit’s communication of Pentecost beyond all conditioned ways and means.  But in times of trial or desolation, created  words can comfort the distraught soul and help renew vision.  When the energy of glory, which is uncreated, conjoins with the deifying energy of wisdom, union opens to expanding communion in the Spirit.   This is what the desert calls glorification, which is realisation of the Sprit’s blessing at Pentecost.

Pentecost is revelatory presence when tongues of fire purify the heart, gladdening  the spirit with uncreated flames of love.  The Spirit of Truth opens the heart to wholeness of truth in light then glory, unveiling ineffable mysteries of glory without end.  The experience of Pentecost completes what resurrection begins and ascension sustains, revealing the descent of glory that completes ascent into light.   Without glorification, ascent may leave unhealed wounds that cry out for wholesome hallowing.  When conventional circles neglect glorification, pathologies abound, but blind guides know no way to lead the blind out of the ditch.  The result is suffering without remedy, because all sound cures have been demonised.  Scripture calls this the sin against the Holy Spirit that cannot be forgiven, not because forgiveness no longer heals but because forgiveness itself has been confused with satanic counterfeits.  There is no cure for the stubborn rejection of all cures even though wisdom’s unspent cure, glorification, is abounding grace given freely to all.  Pentecost has remedies for every pathology, curing resistance with uncreated light and refusal with uncreated glory.  Fear is healed by love when glory descends to harrow every hell.  Pentecost offers illumination in light and glorification through glory, granting sound hallowing through ascent into light and wholesome healing with descent of glory, embracing all in all.