Ecstatic Joy of Love

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The Name ‘I AM,’ ‘EHYEH,’ communicates the ecstatic joy of divine love, intimate union of God’s ‘I’ awareness with his ‘AM’ presence in the midst, unveiling love’s embrace of wisdom and glory as ecstatic joy, heavenly bliss and hallowing blessing.  The Gospel discloses bliss and blessing by bearing witness to this ecstatic union of love.   Love’s union of wisdom and glory is generated by the Father, revealed by the Son, assimilated in the Spirit as glory’s generous gift of unconditional love.  The joy of generous love is ecstatic because it stands outside conventional conditioning, opening to heavenly realms of unconditioned glory.  Openings to love’s deifying glory are revelatory in that they melt the ice of stubborn resistance, the hard, dark surfaces of spiritual sclerosis that deaden the heart.  Glory is the timeless life of uncreated light that hallows and heals the heart with uncreated love, love that communicates glory through the Name.  

Wisdom Songs are a spontaneous expression of prophetic glorification inspired by love, well capable of awakening and regenerating hardened hearts.  They do not just convey deep feeling or open doors to renewed perception; they communicate wisdom with the breath of the Spirit like a kiss of peace.  Starkly awesome though wisdom may sometimes be, it also resounds profoundly, yet sounds strangely familiar, like the ancient Odes of Solomon, which some Oriental Churches, inspired by the Beloved Disciple, warmly welcomed as Scripture in the first three centuries.  But the Odes were later ignored and almost forgotten in the mainstream Eastern and Western Churches, surviving only in Syriac-speaking Oriental Churches and Coptic-speaking Egyptian Churches.  They express the ecstatic joy of love in ways that still generously open the Name to revelatory wisdom and deifying glory.

The Gospel of the Cross of Love bears witness that Christ becomes as we are, so that we might be as he is.  Love’s ecstatic joy bridges the chaotic waters of divisive confusion with wings of uncreated light, sustained by the timeless life of undying glory.  The Name communicates timeless recognition, the Father’s remembrance of the Son ecstatically co-inciding with the Son’s remembrance of the Father.  The Spirit breathes in this ecstatic co-inherence as deathless remembrance, breathing it out as ecstatic love.  Love inhales and exhales the mystery of Christ’s Cross, his hallowing insignia, inspiring crucial, cruciform prayer for all, prayer that all may be opened to the joy of ecstatic love.  The wisdom of the Cross is the wisdom of ineffable harmony, gloriously opening to the harmony of ineffable love.  The ecstatic joy of love, hidden in the Name, arises from the harmony of wisdom, restoring the harmony of glory in the unveiled Name. 

The Cross of Love is the celestial Cross of Light that communicates ecstatic love in realms of uncreated glory.  It is not confined to the earth but embraces the earth with the glory of heaven.  Ecstatic joy shines forth from this embrace, but also restores this embrace when falls from glory happen.  Light transfigures darkness when the glory of God’s unveiled Face is revealed, freeing undying wisdom to shine forth.  Ecstatic joy shatters chains that bind the bound in prisons of hell, liberating desolate captives from their captivity.   Illumined by uncreated light and crowned by deifying glory, saints revolve freely around the Name, pole of uncreated glory, without severing the link to God at centre.  Guided by wisdom’s uncreated light, elders reside in the place of grace, opening awareness to presence in the joy of love.  Saints abide in love’s blessed rest in peace at the heart of light, upheld by chariot thrones in realms of glory. Crystalline translucence upholds unveiling ascent as flaming transfiguration rises to glory, through revelatory light.  The joy of ecstatic love surrounds and crowns those who are born of the Spirit, transfiguring the earth with the hallowing glory of the heavenly Name.