Eye of the Heart

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The Name crowns saints by awakening the eye of the heart, enthroning the glorified heart in the temple of uncreated glory.  Glory crowns saints with God’s Name, fulfilling the mysteries of the temple throne and crown that realise God through recognition and remembrance.  Christ, the Great High Priest, enthrones and crowns his own with the truth of his Name, grafting his own into himself by the glory of his grace.  The crown of timeless life blossoms and bears fruit through a life-time of hallowing glorification, rooted and grounded in the throne of uncreated grace.  Together, throne and crown unveil mysteries of glorification that reveal deification to be the completeness and meaning of Christ’s incarnation.  But without the insight of the awakened eye of the heart, these mysteries remain hidden with Christ in God.  Without the wisdom of the heart, the way of uncreated light would never reach consummation as a way of uncreated glorification.  The Beloved Disciple is forever loved by Christ and returns that love, reciprocally conjoined by a mutual union of undying communion.  Timeless love communicates timeless life to the heart, opening the eye of the heart to timeless light, and through the Name, to timeless glory.

The Spirit of the Name, YAH, deifies those who hallow the Name, Hallelu Yah, revealing the place of the Name to be the place of deifying presence.   Enthroned and crowned, saints bear witness to the wisdom and glory of love, revealing love’s way of light as beautiful, with the beauty of wisdom’s  glorious resplendence.   Created in the image of God, saints are imprinted with God’s seal and clothed with his glory, transfiguring their garments of skin into bodies of uncreated, creative light.  The eye of spirit longs to unite with the eye of the heart in the Holy Spirit, opening wisdom to glory in the revelatory Name.  The eye of spirit in the heart is like a precious wisdom stone that regenerates everything it sees, holding steadfast to the mystery that glorifies everything it beholds.  The unveiled face of glory never hides from the eye of uncreated light, which, knowing the Name from within, is known by Name in seers who revere remembrance.   All who turn and see, give themselves back to God who gives himself to them.  The crown of remembrance crowns those who remember God, who in his Name, remembers them.  The eye of remembrance restores the heart, through God, to God’s recognition and recollection of God.

The eye of the heart opens the heart to uncreated light, newly obedient to the light of the Name of glory, opening up new trackways of light in the darkness.  The innermost secret in us opens to the innermost secret in God, when the Name of grace is hallowed and the reign of glory comes.  God’s will is done when two become one by grace without confusion or division, deified in gardens of blessed paradise, uniting a heavenly earth to an earthly heaven.  The heart’s luminous eye beholds the glory of paradise everywhere.  It does not lose its power or glory as long as wisdom holds steady.  It is the dawn of glory that interprets the beauty of light aright, awakening the eye of the heart to glory that remembers the language of angels, a language long lost in the night of nihilism.  Remembrance of God in his Name speaks the prophetic language of angels once again, because the Name mirrors God anew and opens the eye of the heart in both angels and saints.   The unveiled face of the hallowed Name glorifies God with the Spirit’s insight, opening the eye of the Spirit to wisdom’s vision of glory in prophets, angels and saints.  The face of fear and anguished confusion is washed clear and clean again by the unveiled face of glory, hallowing angels and saints.  The eye of the heart shines forth once more, as it meets the eye of the Name restoring the heart, sustaining the Spirit’s body of light and glory with wisdom’s uncreated resplendence.

Feast of the Ascension June 10th 2021.