Song of the Name

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I am ‘I AM,’ the Name sings, singing the Song of one awareness ever-present, one presence ever-aware.  I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, and there is no other, uncreated light singing of uncreated glory, free of confusion and division and the conditioning that confuses and divides.  The Name sings: I have never not been aware and present, just as I have never not been ‘I AM,’ in prophets and apostles, seers and saints, in every generation.  I have never not been ‘He who is,’ before Abraham was, beloved of patriarchs and prophets, who will always be beloved of elders and saints in every age.  My song never tires of unveiling God, beyond all notions of God, known by many names, but beloved, above all, in the Name of names.  I am God, one with my Name, empowering God to be gratefully remembered.  So, without weariness, I sing my Name of glory, glorifying those who remember God, deifying those who give God glory in his Name.  Indeed, my Song is always my glorification of those who glorify my Name.  My heart sings one Holy Song throughout time and space, the same song I sing beyond time and space in the timeless, extension-free realms of unceasing glory.  I begin by calling all to turn and see, then be partakers in the glory that turning sees, falling silent only when stillness is the fulness of glory that turning sees. 

Saints bear witness that God’s Song of the Name is unceasing, even when stillness is silent, because the Name is unceasing in its glorification of God.  Wisdom is one in the heart of glory, never wavering from God’s glorification of God through God.  God’s Song of the Name encircles light as light encircles glory, expanding into opening realms of light and glory.  There are no boundaries to God’s Song, nor limits to its enchanting, empowering energies.  God’s Song is never silent, even in the stillness that reverberates with his hallowing glory.  Always singing, God fills heavens with his hallowing Song, hallowing the Name that opens realms of glory.  What can shut down God’s Song of the Name?  Who can shut out the Song of the revelatory Word?  Who can silence the Spirit’s unceasing prayer?  There is no end to the Song’s power or glory, so there is no limit to its holy healing.  There are no bounds to the realms of glory resonating with God’s Song of the Name, no limits to the heavens that dance in tune with God’s heaven of heavens.

God’s Song sings: I am the Song that names ‘I AM,’ God’s Name of names, unveiling God in his enlightening names and energies, his deifying qualities and attributes, in realms of boundless glory.  I am ‘I AM,’ God beyond concepts of God and conditioned beliefs, who answers to all invocations of God’s Name, all names by which God is sincerely invoked.  Whatever arises, I am God, whose Name sings saving songs of healing, without exhaustion.  Stilling fear, stillness generates ecstatic joy, well able to save love from fear.  Fortune arises, then misfortune, but my Song of the Name stills anxiety in the heart of joy.  Fear exacts sorrow, whilst joy liberates trust from fear.  I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, singing my awareness as presence and my presence as awareness, singing deifying wisdom as glory, enlightening glory as glorifying wisdom.  Whatever happens, or does not happen, I am indivisible, yet unconfused.  My Song of Stillness, stilling fear and frenzy, breathes indivisible wholeness in all, through all.  I hear every cry, answering every prayer, turning every groan into a Song of the Name.  My Song rids distraction of distraction, freeing wisdom to abide in glory.  My hallowing of saints is wisdom’s joy in the Name, gathering seers into seeing, hearts into hallowing, welcoming joy that answers sorrow’s prayers, singing God’s unceasing Song of the Name in realms of undying glory.