Name above all names

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The Holy Spirit awakens the heart in Christ to the Name above all names, revealed at centre in the midst, in whom the Father is unveiled in uncreated wisdom, embracing uncreated glory.  The practice of wisdom turns light around into union with glory in the Name, which is no ordinary name, because it names God, ‘I AM,’ God’s ever-present awareness, discovered at centre, unveiling the Name above all names.  Metanoia turns awareness round that theoria might see, awakening in Christ to deifying theosis in the Name above all names, in whom the Spirit discerns communion with the Father.  God names God, through God, when the Father generates the Son, causing the Spirit to proceed from the Father to abide in the Son.  Saint John of Damascus saw that this unveiling of the Holy Trinity, through the Spirit’s abiding in the Son, was gloriously unveiled through the Spirit’s procession from the Father, for the Holy Trinity is unveiled through its own triune unveiling, not outside it.  It follows that the Holy Trinity and its unveiling are one, one Name named by all three persons in their thrice-hallowing glorification, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is ‘I AM,’ YHWH SABAOTH, Lord of the angelic hosts, who alone is. 

The Holy Spirit unceasingly invokes the Name above all names, unveiling Christ in the midst, praying ‘ABBA, Father, restoring through Christ all glory to the Father.  The Spirit’s unceasing prayer is the heart’s joy and delight, awakening awareness to its uncreated source, unveiling presence in uncreated glory.  This is the mystery of wisdom’s unveiling of uncreated glory, which Saint Maximus reminds us underlies all communion of the uncreated with the created, all intelligible union with sensible creation, all union of heaven and earth and gendered union in paradise.  For it is wisdom that discerns union without confusion as indivisible communion with the glory of grace.  It is glory that unveils sevenfold completeness when wisdom discerns Christ’s embrace of our incompleteness in all seven centres of creative energy, three above the heart and three beneath.  From throne root to crown, uncreated energy transfigures created energy in creative ways in all seven centres of created, creative energy.   It is wisdom’s glory to unveil the integral wholeness of our divine-humanity, the wholeness of Christ imparted to saints by grace, gift of the Name, transcending all names.

There is no access to the Name of names that is not wisdom’s unveiling of the glory of grace.  There are no clever substitutes that by-pass grace or parody the Name’s revelation of glory.  The Name is the ineffable key to paradise, to heaven, to the heaven of heavens and to the reign of glory, opening creation to uncreated glory in all seven hallowed centres.  The sevens of the Beloved Disciple are catalytic for Orthodox Christian wisdom, turning seven hells into seven heavens of hallowed completeness, five of them cosmic: his and hers, paradise and cosmos. heaven and earth, intelligible and sensible, uncreated and created and two divine: wisdom’s uncreated embrace of glory and God’s uncreated essence.  There is no common, created measure between the uncreated and the created, but Christ himself unites them, so is the ineffable measure of them both.  Outside his wisdom and his glory, things fall apart, degenerating into disintegration.  Within his embrace, wisdom mends the broken Name with the glory of Christ’s hallowing, uniting God’s awareness with his presence in every perception.  This is the function of wisdom’s love of glory, restoring God’s awareness to his presence and his presence to his awareness, deifying us by glorifying the Name of Oneness.  The unification of the Name above all names restores glory to God, giving thanks that what our falls from glory have broken, the Name of names graciously heals. The Spirit’s unceasing prayer hallows the Name that all names be hallowed and all hearts illumined, restoring glory to wisdom, imparting wisdom in glory, through the Name above all names.