Body of Light: Body of Glory

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The eye of light sees uncreated light here where the Spirit beholds the uncreated glory of Christ, discerning the beauty of living holiness where the sight of the body saw only the coming death of the body.  The Name saves us from this body of death by restoring us in Christ to his body of light and glory.  When wisdom turns and sees, grace beholds light and glory and the body is restored to being a temple of the Holy Spirit.  The body of resurrection is one with Christ in his resurrection, one spirit with the Holy Spirit in Christ’s glorification.  Resurrection overcomes death by death, delivering death from death in Christ’s Name.  The body of death holds captivity captive until the Name delivers us from it, freeing us from its prison, releasing us from its grave.  Saints know death to be glory’s loving release from death, for love’s flame consumes death with the uncreated fire of grace.  Death has no sting of devouring bitterness when love’s flame of the Name is aware as wisdom and present as glory.  The eye of the Spirit sees the body of uncreated light here, transfigured with uncreated glory.  The eye of glory beholds glory wherever it turns.

The eye of light beholds uncreated light. just as the eye of glory beholds uncreated glory where death saw death and corruption saw corruption.  The unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart beholds the uncreated light of glory instead of a body of death at centre, opening from darkness to light in the hallowing Name.  The Spirit is a fountain of undying life in paradise, uniting earthly heavens with a heavenly earth in hallowed heavens, transfiguring all the senses spiritually in the Holy Spirit.  The light of glory descends with healing wings to meet ascending light, unveiling glory wherever turning sees.  Death is Christ and Christ is God for all who turn and see.  Death’s sting sings of stingless death when glory reigns.  The countenance of God shines forth when the Name is hallowed, unveiling bodies of light with glory, revealing bodies of glory with light.  What can separate the Spirit from Christ?   What can divide Christ from the Father?  Our bodies are members of his body because the Spirit’s epiclesis consecrates bread and wine to be his body and blood, enabling us to partake in hallowing communion.  

The eye of light sees the body of light, empowering the eye of glory to see the body of glory.  The body of uncreated glory is wisdom’s delight, freeing wisdom’s gaze to embrace glory with a kiss.  The body of death releases into a body of light when glory reigns, replacing disfiguration with transfiguration.  Crown and throne transfigure saints with union that is blessed communion, union that extinguishes division, preserving communion from confusion.  Christ weds the Spirit in transfigured hearts, embracing them in the bosom of the Father’s love.   To wisdom’s gaze, death is God’s embrace and kiss of peace, turning fear right round into love.  The divided eye of dualism turns into the single eye of wisdom when the Spirit descends like a dove at Pentecost, releasing light into glory, completing light with glory.  The eye of light turns around to see the body of light completed with glory, love’s glory enthroned as love’s glory crowns saints with royal holiness.  The Name unveils both throne and crown on earth as they are unveiled in heaven, hallowing elders on earth as they are hallowed in heaven, illumining and glorifying the saints.