Crown of Life

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Faithful to the end, holy martyrs receive the crown of life; after suffering trial and tribulation, even unto death, wisdom anoints them with glory’s crown (Rev 2:10). Tempted by anti-christ, Christ purifies his own by fire, refining wisdom’s witness in the uncreated flame.  Division transmutes into discernment, dividing pure awareness from impurity, separating out confusion to unite with hallowing communion.  Chastened but not slain, cast down but not destroyed, wisdom is white-martyred together with the Name.  Faithful unto death, death overcomes death by death, empowering grace to crown wisdom with glory, transcending death in resurrection, embracing death through glorification. 

Faithful in death, wisdom overcomes death, rising with Christ into the glory of resurrection, ascending with Christ into timeless glorification.  Turning right round, wisdom beholds Christ in glory, enthroned and crowned with golden flowering, alive with wisdom’s living flame, alight with glory’s burning Name.  Joy endures the cross of uncreated fire, overcoming death with wisdom’s two-edged sword, separating soul and spirit, consuming death with wisdom’s burning victory.  Wisdom is patient in her kindness, strong in her vision of God, so where Balaam and his ilk fell short, Saint Paul rises in Christ, turning holy folly into wisdom.

The axis of wisdom is decisive, turning worldly enemies into eternal friends, as folly rises into wisdom.  Hidden manna sustains wisdom from within, revealing the purity of whitened stone, within which the Name makes all things new  (Rev 2:17).  Hidden sustenance sustains saints from within, renewing them by name in the power of God’s Name, wisdom rising above all names.  Axial turning changes partial knowing into God’s own co-inherent knowing, wise completeness, kindling hearts with living, uncreated flame.  Unready to live beyond the law, some condemn saints, accusing them of what the law condemns.  Wisdom embraces both with her completeness, overcoming enmity, crowning folly with wisdom, crowning suffering with glory.