No Comments on Discernment

Discernment between wisdom and subtle thought is crucial, because thought cannot save but wisdom is always truly saving.  Discrimination is subtle thought, not wisdom, so for the practice of metanoia, metaphysical discrimination is not permitted to usurp wisdom.  The elixir of wisdom has nothing to do with deliberate discrimination, yet subtle thought confuses itself with wisdom when metaphysicians confuse their subtle metaphysics with wisdom. 

The wisdom of the Holy Spirit of truth communicates true discernment, which differs from the subtle discrimination of the metaphysician, who regards metaphysics as the highest truth.  Discernment between wisdom and discrimination is within the capacity of wisdom, but not of metaphysics, which converts mirroring awareness into subtle thought and then absolutises that thought.  It is, of course, possible to love wisdom and to discriminate, but only if discrimination is not confused with wisdom. 

To discern with the eye of wisdom is to turn and see without absolutising subtle thought, releasing thought back into uncreated wisdom.  Purity of heart is lost when subtle thought thinks how pure it is and then is proud of that, whereas the Holy Spirit truly purifies the heart without clinging to any thoughts of purity or pride.  The Spirit’s true discernment frees hearts of subtle thoughts, releasing thoughts, when they arise, into uncreated light of glory.