Listening to see

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Come and listen, listen and see!  Be still and know ‘I AM’ : God revealing God.  Behold God-centred wisdom revealing the glory of God.  Open the eye of your heart to God’s reign of glory, letting wisdom turn awareness round and see.

Come and be the seeing that God sees, know the well-being that God knows, be the knowing that never ceases to be the well-being that God has always known.  Come and listen to God revealing God, hearing wisdom revealing the infinite glory of God.

Come and see with the eye of God’s wisdom, beholding the glory of God’s reigning Name.  Give glory to God, listening to God’s unceasing prayer in the heart.  Turn and see with God’s eye of wisdom, glorifying God with his infinite glory, hidden in the heart.

Feast of Saint Maximus the Confessor, died 662