Into Thy Hands

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Into thy hands I commend my spirit, into thy Spirit I release my life, into thy presence I release my awareness, into thy Name I fly with angel’s wings, joining winged awareness with humble trust.  For it is thou who art my life, here on earth, rejoining grace with heavenly glory, ceasing to cling to thy signs and symbols, but letting wisdom be my loving guide.  Be thou my wisdom, my bride, my beloved!  Still my thoughts and silence me deep within, as thy hallowing Name opens heaven to earth, as wisdom embraces glory with every breath, that when breath ceases, my spirit awakens as thy Spirit in me, soaring way beyond myself in thee.

Into thy heart I surrender my heart, into thy presence I release my life, for it is in thee that my beloved has always found what I sought in her, releasing me into thee.  Holy presence, meeting me in thy clear abiding, clarify what comes between me and thee so it dissolves like cloud from the highest depths, deepening those heights, delivering me from everything that obscures thee from thy sight in me.  Purify my heart for union with thee, extinguishing me through thee.  Love of my life, carry me in thine arms like a child again in thee, curing me of redundant loves as my life dissolves in thee.  In thy presence, I am thine through thee.

Into thy rest I pass in peace, ceasing to resist as Thou art who Thou art, remembering me in thee.  Remembrance of thee comes to embrace me, shedding fear, yielding dread, revealing thee where there used to be me.  Into thy presence, I release my awareness, not as mine but as thine awakening me.  Let thy remembrance be my remembering of thee, not mine imposing myself on thee.  Let me cease as thy remembering incorporates me to be thine not mine, though mine through thee.  Let me partake of thee through thee, never ceasing to be thine through every present moment.  Into thy presence I commend my presence, seeing thee wherever I turn, welcoming thee in me.