Hallowing recognition

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Hallowing the Name (KIDDUSH HA SHEM), right glorifies God here in the midst.  Glory shines forth in the heart, opening the eye of the heart to God through God in God.  The Holy Name ‘EHYEH,’ ‘I AM’, when hallowed, unveils the uncreated presence of God to uncreated awareness, the divine ‘AM’ to the divine ‘I,’ with translucent clarity.  It empties the subject into the object and the object into the subject so that seer and seen are one.  Turning beholds the orchids in the wetland, one with uncreated light as they arise in the limpid purity of glory.   There is no separation because there is no confusion between the created and the uncreated here in the midst.

Hallowing the Name is Christ’s gift of wisdom to the world, creating all things anew. Recognition of God through God in God is the grace of Holy Trinity renewing creation in union with the uncreated.  The Spirit abides in the Son who is generated by the Father in our midst, opening us to the mysteries of the Son’s union with the Father.  The Kingdom comes when God’s will is done and the Name is hallowed in recognition.  The orchid manifests as beauty the completeness revealed by every blade of grass.  The kingdom of glory is discerned by wisdom in every moment.  But it remains unrecognised until the eye of the heart awakens and the heart sees.

Hallowing the Name undoes the fall from glory that plunges bright darkness into grey confusion.  Recognition of God through God in God enlightens the heart so that it sees as it is seen.  Uncreated presence is one with uncreated awareness when the Name ‘I AM’ saves and illumines.  There is no point in struggling to save ourselves when the grace of the Name saves and the Gospel of glory is still the good news it always was.  But a change of heart and mind, called metanoia in the Bible, is crucial, because without it the Name is not hallowed and the Kingdom is still to come.  God longs for wisdom to see the glory of God in the orchid and the glory of the orchid in God.  God’s will is done when we let uncreated light turn our hearts to recognise God revealing God in our midst.  There is no end to the glory of the Kingdom of grace, unveiled in the hallowed Name.