Yoke of Love

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Wisdom’s yoke of holy love crucifies division to resurrect union on earth as in heaven, hallowing all who trust in God’s Holy Name. ┬áNothing can sever this holy yoke because nothing can quench holy love, which together inspire prophecy, renewing prayer.

Wisdom’s yoke descends to hell by unbinding infernal perversions, liberating reversions that ascend to heaven, conjoining heaven and earth in an enduring embrace. Wisdom turns bonds of darkness into uncreated light, restoring glory to God.

Wisdom discerns the yoke of glory in the midst, transfiguring shadows into shades of shining light, transforming uniformity conformed to this world by glorifying grace. Crowning those enthroned by deifying glory, the Name redeems the yoke of holy love.

Summer Solstice