Way of the Name

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Christ’s way of the Name is ineffable, transcending all names and ways that are means to an end, liberating temporal incompleteness into timeless completeness.  The Spirit communicates the mysteries of Christ as quintessential truth, imparting glorification as wisdom’s timeless way of life.  Dazzling darkness opens heaven on earth, piercing the heart, communicating the incommunicable, revealing what was veiled without destroying the veil.  The Name does what it says, but conceals what it reveals, ensuring it is not divulged in vain or loses its saving power.  Always complete, it never ceases to liberate incompleteness into generous completeness, ensuring the hidden meaning is not profaned.  Releasing what is known, wisdom uncovers what cannot be objectified, although always present in the presence of unknowing awareness, with infinite capacity to illumine the heart.  The Name is God’s way of sharing his life of glory with those who love him.

The Spirit’s way of unveiling the Name has infinite capacity to reveal its secrets among angels and saints, fulfilling its full potential in those who turn and see.  It turns to unveil the mysteries of wisdom in hearts that are empty of vainglory or pride, awakening them to the simplicity and beauty of holiness.  Union with Christ in the Spirit opens clenched addictions to liberating freedom, healing hardness of heart in the kindly fires of wholesome love.  Comparing and competing only divides the heart, whereas love in centred stillness is serene.  Wisdom cleanses awareness of obsessional fears, enabling the mind to step back into unexpected regeneration.  Glory is the central axis of both mind and heart, turning the angelic wheels of unceasing liberation.  Blindness of heart is cured with wisdom, opening the mind in the heart with piercing insight, releasing mind and heart into uncreated openness.  Gentle vision is not obsessed with success or failure, because both are self-interested, falling short of the remembrance of God.  Wisdom is unfathomable and glory is ineffable; consequently their union in the Holy of Holies transcends time and space, restoring glory to God.

The Father’s glory restores creation anew in every moment, being the Alpha and the Omega of grace.  The wonder of wisdom lies in her union with the Father through the Son, unveiling the Spirit’s insight into the mysteries of glorification.  Refusal to trust grace makes grace appear untrustworthy.  The holiness of wisdom is best served by releasing all self-interested obsession with holiness or wisdom.  God’s own God-centred remembrance of God is trustworthy because it has nothing to do with self-centred self-interest.  Wisdom abides at centre in God, free of vainglory, infused with the spontaneous flow of glorification, transcending prescribed rules and regulations.  Wisdom indwells the way of the Name without hindrance, having nothing to prove, nothing to lose.  This is the way the Name is revealed, opening up oneness without confusion and difference without division.  Completeness is serene in wisdom’s generous presence, timeless and free in its unselfish openness.  God’s reign of grace is not a dominion of domination, but follows the humble way of loving kindness, full of grace and truth.