Reifications of Wisdom

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Wisdom releases her reifications by liberating the intelligence, the will and the emotions to abide in the timeless freedom of God’s presence.  Hells of separation are freed in union with heavens of infinite grace.  Extinguishing deception, delusion is extinguished by the Spirit of truth, freeing all things in uncreated light, transfiguring all things in uncreated glory.  Hearts are freed in the kindly gaze of wisdom’s compassion, liberating awareness from the bondage of divisive alienation.  All schismatic reifications are freed in the liberating release of hallowing wholeness.  Confusion is timelessly freed in the openness of clarifying awareness, just as division is timelessly freed in the oneness of deifying glory.  Love of pleasure and hatred of pain release into timeless freedom in the radiant openness of generous grace.  Incompleteness releases into timeless completeness, transforming all addiction to conditioned ways and dualistic means into ways of ineffable completeness.  Fear and dread are timelessly free In the liberating glory of saving grace.  Invocation of God’s Name is timelessly free in the uncreated energies of hallowing glorification.  In many mysterious ways, wisdom embraces glory in liberating freedom, transcending reification by releasing confusion into glory.

Liberating release never ceases to cure wisdom of diseases of reification, but enslavement to reification obstructs wisdom’s power to liberate, interfering in glory’s energies of timeless freedom.  Sharp, spiritual warfare occurs at this juncture, where vain-glory’s reign drives wisdom into exile, freeing wisdom is to be loved in the desert.  But for wisdom in her completeness, wisdom remains what she always was, unrestricted freedom in love’s communion with glory.  When the temple was desecrated, wisdom lived on in wisdom communities elsewhere, timelessly free in the spacious expanse of liberating glory.  Wisdom was always intact and authentic in her timeless freedom, manifesting wherever those communities were faithful and true to her hallowing Name.  Christ is timelessly free in his union with the Spirit, free in his communion within the Father’s Kingdom.  Christ was never separated from the Father, or divided from the Spirit, even when severe persecution sought to quench his witness to God’s Name.  When wisdom’s communities were martyred or driven into the desert, their faithful witness was not extinguished, but arose again and again, communicating liberating freedom, imparting living wisdom from generation to generation.

The Spirit of Christ faithfully releases freedom from bondage, including extreme addictions to freedom that are divisive and deluded.  Renunciation frees renunciation from addictive renunciation, just as wisdom frees wisdom from compulsive reification.  Afflictive reification is healed by wisdom when glorification hallows the healing Name.  There is no separation or confusion for those who, in Christ, bear witness to the Name.  Wisdom’s cure of her reifications frees wisdom to be wisdom, even when external persecution is extreme.  Beyond ways and means, wisdom turns and sees in liberating glory, but does not reify turning or seeing into conditioned ways or means.  Grace liberates reification’s bondage to dualistic ways and divisive means by releasing them into timeless freedom.  All conditioned ways and means transfigure into timeless glory, free of conditioning frames of dualistic reference.  The wonder of wisdom is always pure, never ceasing to purify the heart.  Struggling to achieve what wisdom is doing in the grace of her infinite perfection, is perverse in the extreme.  Reification deludes reification with increasing reification, always falling short of the glory of wisdom.  Fixation on concepts of wisdom always deludes, whilst abiding in wisdom frees wisdom from delusion, releasing vainglory, without ceasing, by abiding in awakening glory.

Christ’s realm of glory is present and awake in wisdom’s timeless vision of ineffable completeness.  Confusion divides union by desecrating communion, whereas wisdom restores union by communicating communion.  Immaculately conceived, beyond the grasp of all concepts, wisdom purifies the heart, hallowing the mind in the awakened heart, sustaining glorification without ceasing.  Nothing strays from wisdom when freedom co-operates with grace in timeless glory.  Nothing separates wisdom from glory when wisdom’s primordial freedom liberates hearts from reification.  The awakened heart rejoices in this freedom, united in hallowing communion.  Reification dissolves when wisdom is present and dispels when wisdom is awake.  Clouds of confusion obscure the light of wisdom, although obscuration is visible as obscuration only in the uncreated light of wisdom.   Clouds of confusion lift when wisdom dawns, revealing the uncreated light of glory.  Reifications vanish like mist when wisdom awakens, leaving no trace.  The uncreated energies of wholesome wisdom freely dispel reification, liberating awakened hearts from unnatural strain and stress.  The realm of incomprehensible glory is the homeland of enlightening wisdom, spaciously dissolving reification by purifying hearts, cleansing them of all trace of confusion or division.